The Future of the Soul
by Loretta   
Tuesday, 10 September 2013
psychich being (Photographer: web)On July 1 1970, Rijuta, an American disciple, is in Mother's room. Mothers sees Rijuta's soul, her psychic being, and realizes that it is the psychic being which will eventually materialize into the supramental being. Mother describes this being and tell Satprem that the being she saw materialize in her room seemed to tell her, 'You are wondering what the supramental being will be. Here it is. This is it.' In the practice of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga, the first stage to be reached is to have our psychic being come to the forefront of our ...

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... consciousness and take over our lives and our yoga practice. Mother tells us that this part of us, our individual soul, which is immortal, continues to evolve. As the Supermind manifests more and more in our world, our soul will be part of that manifestation. We can see the continuity of our evolutionary journey. The Mother gave a beautiful description of how to find your soul to the Ashram students in 1958. Hearing her voice, as she speaks one feels one's own soul. The Mother (Photographer: web) Loretta (Photographer: web) The Future of the Soul (Photographer: web) The Future of the Soul (Photographer: web) The Future of the Soul (Photographer: web) psychich being (Photographer: web)