B`s Happy Birthday!!!
by Tom, Al, Pat   
Tuesday, 27 November 2012
B. (Photographer: fabienne)Past Saturday Auroville Radio attended to the International House to birthday party of one of our favourite Aurovillians, B., and the happenings around it . There we inaugurate a recycled house, we saw the fabulous performance of the percussion band Butterfly, we talked with B. about his project and the zero waste, we raised a Shinto gate, paint the bricks of the Thrash Mahal, Sang Happy Birthday, and of course, eat delicious cake and drink some tea in a friendly and great atmosphere. Enjoy it!

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Happy Birthday (Photographer: fabienne) Butterfly band playing (Photographer: fabienne) B. and his Zero waste hat (Photographer: fabienne) Raising the Shingo gate (Photographer: fabienne) Tiles for the Thrash Mahal (Photographer: fabienne) Starting the Bon Fire (Photographer: fabienne)