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Synthesis of Yoga: 4 Aids con't.

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This reading completes Part One The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter One The Four Aids.

At the beginning of this chapter the four aids were given as the knowledge of the truths, patient persistent action known through that knowledge, the example and influence of the Guru and finally the instrumentality of Time.

Sri Aurobindo admits it is difficult for man to believe in something unseen within himself; the spiritual progress of most human beings demands a human representative, an object of faith outside ourselves; we are assured that, for according to the need of the human soul, the Divine manifests himself as deity, as human divine or in simple humanity.

In this concluding half of the chapter, Sri Aurobindo points out yet again that to see, know, become and fulfill this One in our inner selves, as well as in all our outer nature, was always the secret goal and the conscious purpose of our embodied existence.

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