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Synthesis of Yoga Pt 1 Ch 6

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Continuing with the vast concept of sacrifice: Chapter VI The Ascent of the Sacrifie – 2, The Works of Love – The Works of Life, page 158, stopping at the bottom of page 162.

Sri Aurobindo points out that life itself can be transformed into its own true spiritual figure. Although it is a divine love for the supreme and universal Divine that must be the rule of our spiritual existence, individual love that draws soul to soul is not excluded. Again he points out that a psychic change is necessary, the old inferior consciousness transformed, and each movement of love spiritualized – resulting in love being restored to its spiritual and psychic essence with the mind, vital and physical.

Another crucial and main point Sri Aurobindo emphasizes too: love for the Divine is no complete worship if not offered to him wherever he manifests; in man and object and every creature.

Through successive readings, this chapter will progress to its end on page 187

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