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Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch. 7

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Standards of Conduct and Spiritual Freedom continued, top of page 203 through the conclusion of the chapter on page 207.

To assure a harmonious diversity in oneness is the goal; a cosmic consciousness inbedded in each being is the way. Upon such realization, the quarrel between the individual and society, the disastrous struggle between one community/race/country and another, the mean and petty smallness between one man and another, even within families will, as aspire and work toward it, be the supramental perfection.

” … if a collectivity or group could be formed of those who had reached the supramental perfection, there indeed some divine creation could take shape; a new earth could descend that would be a new heaven, a world of supramental light could be created here amidst the receding darkness of this terrestrial ignorance.”

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