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Cats Tuning, United Roar

Friday 21 April, 4.00 – 6.30 pm at Unity Pavilion Closing session of ‘Create Auroville Together ‘(CATCAT14 feel the resonance, the heartbeat of unity in diversity in action Cats TUNING TOGETHER with the guidance of the Russian Singing Bells .

The informational General Meeting on guidelines, rules and regulations for Auroville Learning Activities (Alas) will be held in the Unity Pavilion on Saturday, 29th April, from 10am to 12pm.

Monday, April 24 at 4.30pm at Unity PavilionGeneral Meeting to Discuss Proposed TDC/L’Avenir Restructure. This meeting will be followed by a Residents’ Assembly Decision-making Process on the proposal running May 13 – June 10.

On Tuesday 24th of April at 5.30am meditation on Mother’s final arrival day In the Matrimandir Amphitheatre.

On Saturday 22nd at 210am at MMC in Town Hall TLC invite us to One United Roar fro Lions and Nature – a power point presentation by Asia and Yam, who were placed among winners of talent challenge.
on following links you can hear the story of White Lions of South Africa

On Saturday 22nd between 10am to 4pm Upasana will celebrate Earth Day with their 10th anniversary of Small Steps with invitation to paint your message to the Mother Earth on Small Steps bag.

O Thou who art the sole reality of our being, O sublime Master of love. Redeemer of life, let me have no longer any other consciousness than of Thee at every instant and in each being.
The Mother

What is the Low-Tech Lab?

What is the Low-Tech Lab? Is it another business brand using trends such as “sustainable” and “environment friendly” to sell a product, or is this an innovative movement that wants to change the approach to global development?
Considering key words such as “do it yourself”, “local manufacturing”, “low environmental impact”, “economic”, “repairable”, and “for all”, how sustainable and environment friendly are some innovative inventions such as solar panels?
While working on technical solutions, how much do we ease our impact on the environment? Has Low-Tech Lab considered focusing on educating people to be more in tunes with nature?
A brief interview with Clement and Camille from Low-Tech Lab, and Mitia from Joy of Impermanence (Auroville).

Stories of Forest

Striking to most of the visitors of Auroville are constant chirping of birds and indigenous evergreen tropical dry forest or lots of trees …
Birds wake up in early morning hours before dawn, and perky conversations or monologues are going on all day long.
Each morning starts with another story of a day ahead.
Human ears selectively choose what to hear , but microphone hears everything. It does notice distant temple music, bikes and constant wind of the area.

Love for AV, Trees, Patience

David from Aurodan has visited us this morning in our studio, and shared with us some aspects of his life and work in Auroville. He has dedicated it to karma yoga, to work for the community, to the trees and afforestation.
Long term Aurovilian, known by most of us as somebody who work with the Froest Group; older might still remember that he was providing lunch for children in early days.
Along with him cam as well Rene, a young volunteer from Chennai.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Nov 2016

A4A Phase 3

After tow successful years of fundraising Acres for Auroville (A4A) yesterday, 15th of August Auroville Interantional along with Auroivlle’s “Lands for Auroville Unified” launched third phase of the campaign.
Present was honourable Secretary of the Auroville Foundation Thiru Mohan Verghese Chunkath, as chief guest , along with Alan representing senior Aurovilians,and Inge the youth. Those three “cut the ribbon: to launch third, and expanded phase of the “Acres for Auroville”.
Skype conversation with Mandkaini , who greeted all present, followed by short presentations of other active members of A4A – Aryadeep, Sigrid and Jasmin.

Off the Cuff-65

Renu and Wazo are delighted to report on the massive change that took place today, with the upcoming 50 anniversary a collective inward questioning and discomfort was felt by all as the celebrations were being planned, when a sobering common sense approach began invading the general atmosphere, it was now felt that rather than ceremonies and celebrations, actual changes in our day to day functioning were the best ceremony to celebrate… and so it began! Listen for the latest and do let us know what or which changes you have adopted in Auroville today!

Fund raising reminder for a radio member’s house the account is # 251774

Music by Charlie Mc Gee at
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David and the Water Goliath

David (Town Planning) and Achva (Landscape design) Stein came to Auroville invited by L’Avenir D’Auroville in 2010 to work on a Greenbelt Master Plan. The plan centers around water sustainability. In this interview you can hear about what has to be done and what is needed. David looks towards the youth of Auroville to take up the challenges of the tasks ahead.

Interview with Madhu

Auroville and Puducherry Village Heritage Festival which was held on the 13th and 14th February was organized by coordinators who were Indians as well as foreigners, working for the development of the villages and the culture. This is an interview of one of the coordinators, Madhu.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Feb 2016

the time is…NOW!

On Sunday afternoon, many gathered in peace and good will to support the Landing of Auroville. Many people from Auroville International came to lend their participation to this project which has caught the hearts of those who want Auroville to grow according to the Mother’s dream.
The participants heard brief presentations from the key persons who are involved in the joint action to  raise funds for securing the land of Auroville – A4A, Green Acres, LFAU, Land Board.
Watching short films and documentaries, most of which were made for this purpose, the viewers were taken back in time to reflect, and to refocus on this essential task which, in today’s reality clearly shows every interested person that missing plots of land in Master Plan need to be secured.
Numerous art works were on display, contributed by many supporting Auroville Artists and well-wishers from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. A silent art auction was in progress. The profits will go towards the purchase of auroville land.
Will You help? The Time Is NOW!

videos on Auroville’s land:

    Early Days Land Pioneers: https//

Irumbai, A Bridge between the Past & the Future:

    Landing Auroville:

    Un Corps de Terre pour Auroville:https//

Artistswishing to contribute art work:  Phone: 97877 97814

Donations via FS #100 or Unity Fund #240001

Specifying A4A (City), ˜GreenAcres” (Greenbelt), or Land General


So far a total of 70 art works have been generously donated by 25 artists – paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Thank you, Auroville artists!! Already before Sunday’s Landing Auroville event, it became clear that with the number and quality of the works donated, it would be necessary to allow more viewing time and to open the auction to a wider public, therefore we would launch the initiative and start taking bids, but not conclude any sales on that day.
The art works were beautifully displayed at the Unity Pavilion during Sunday’s event. By the end of the evening, offers (and in some instances, counter-offers) were received for 8 works totalling over 1 lakh rupees.
The photographing and cataloguing all the pieces is in process, as is preparing a site for online viewing and sales / auction.
The Unity Pavilion has kindly offered to keep the larger paintings, as well as sculptures and ceramics on exhibition. Options are presently being explored to make the entire body of work accessible as a single exhibition. We will keep you updated as Arts for Land unfolds its wings! Any suggestions or offers for collaboration are most welcome! Contact: LFAU or (tel. 97877 97814).

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Feb 2016

Cool down, right here

Daniel Greenberg, founder and CEO of the NGO EarthDeeds and official of the Global Ecovillage Network GEN, is visiting Auroville where he used to live for five years. Yesterday, he spoke about local solutions to minimize the Global Warming, which will cause serious damage to our planet and manhood at least for the upcoming 10.000 years.

Offsetting was one of the most popular strategies to reduce carbon footprints. People calculated their footprint for a flight or for consuming and gave as a compensation some amount of money for example to green Ngos. Greenberg is questioning this idea as it was practiced and invented the concept of “Onsetting”, which is much more local and direct. He doesn’t believe that it will be possible to reach the aim of zero carbon emission, but living in Ecovillages and offering ecological education can be a big step to live more sustainable.

A summary of the speak which contains the most important parts of Greenbergs presentation and of the discussion with the Audience.

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