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Diario di un viaggio interiore

24 giorni in India: il libro racconta il viaggio di Valentina Garozzo che lo scorso anno, dal Gange fino ad Auroville, ha fatto viaggiare la propria anima: qua da noi si e’ fermata due settimane, scoprendo una nuova energia che le ha fatto cambiare driezione nella vita. Desiderosa di condividere il proprio percorso, ha deciso di pubblicare il proprio diario di viaggio, uscito nell’agosto 2016 e disponibile ad essere acquistato online. Per ogni copia venduta, Valentina ha deciso di donare 1 Euro alla campagna “Green Acres for Auroville”, “perche’ Auroville e’ esempio di sviluppo consapevole per tutta l’umanita'”.
In visita in questi giorni ad Auroville, si e’ raccontata ai nostri microfoni.

Ashesh Joshi on his new book

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, I talk with Ashesh Joshi who released his new book ‘Introduction to Integral Yoga’ in Savitri Bhavan. In this interview, Joshi discusses why he felt compelled to pen this book, his work in Auroville and the world running workshops and finally, the power of Integral Yoga.

A Review of 'In An Antique Land'

In this segment, I review ‘In An Antique Land’ written by Amitav Ghosh in 1992. The book follows two main narratives, the first is the anthropological account of Ghosh’s time in Egyptian villages in the present and the other is the life of a trader named Abraham Ben Yiju in the past. As an Indian anthropology student, this book was immediately fascinating to me because it deals with the dilemma of studying a subject with a dark colonial past as a former colonial subject. Furthermore, the book is ambitious in it’s desire to recreate the past not defined by colonial conquering but one of peaceful cultural and material exchange between two countries (Egypt and India).

Savitri – Book VII, Canto VII

Savitri, Book VII, The Book of Yoga
Canto VII, The Discovery of the Cosmic Spirit and the Cosmic Consciousness

This is the last Canto in The Book of Yoga, where Savitri is going to attain Cosmic Consciousness. This is the last thing that Savitri must do to prepare herself for her husband’s death and the great work she was born to do. Now she must conquer Almighty Death and bring her husband’s soul back to live on earth again. We have now come to the point where the whole story of Savitri starts. Canto l, at the very beginning of Book I is called The Symbol Dawn. It is the dawn of the day when Savitri wakes and remembers that it is the day that Satyavan must die.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Oct 2015

Accessible Auroville Presentation

On Sunday 21st of December at Unity Pavilion, Accessible Auroville made a presentation of the booklet titled ‘Just…Follow me.’ 
Susmita presented the book and the aim of the Accessible Auroville team. The publication is a journey to accessibility via cartoons and comics with illustration done by Lele.
To make the event more joyful Carla, Marlenka and Swaha sung Italian, English and French songs.
For any information you can contact:

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Dec 2014

Farewell Prema, Accessibility

Our dear friend and sister Prema (Adelina Intanno) of Auromode, proceeded to higher spaces yesterday afternoon. Farewell  Prema, and thank you for all your energies, generosity and dedication to Mother’s Auroville.

In today’s news we are featuring interview with Susmita about booklet launch on Sunday 21st at 5pm at Unity Pavilion.
Christmas Fair  Spicy YC at Youth Center on Saturday 20th at noon, and we are all invited to a day filled with great music, delicious food, exciting games, contests and lots of fun.
On Monday 22nd at 5pm Bharat Nivas White Hall (ex-foundation office), Pavilion of India, International Zone the Presentation of ONE ASIA 2014 in Taipei.

You have to aspire, you have to reject; but the best is if you can keep me in your heart, if you love me, then you will have to do nothing.
I shall do all for you.

The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Dec 2014

But It Is Done

B explains the significance of the recent publication But It Is Done’ in today’s interview. ‘But It Is Done’ is a small but mighty book, composed by Dr. Kireet Joshi, a small volume revealing the reason for the Mother’s Agenda as well as the reason for creating Auroville. This volume contains direct quotes of the Mother from the Agenda. It also speaks of the fact that although the Mother’s work is done, our collaboration is definitely and obviously very much needed.

an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo: Letters on YogaAll who enter the spiritual path have to face the difficulties and ordeals of the path,
those which rise from their own nature and those which come in from outside.
The difficulties in the nature always rise again and again until you overcome them;
they must be faced with both strength and patience. But the vital part is prone
to depression when ordeals and difficulties arise.
This is not peculiar to you, but comes to all… must train yourself to overcome
this reaction of depression, calling in the Mothers Force to aid you….

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Aug 2012

Women`s Festival, dulce de leche

On Sunday 4th of March at 5pm at the Untiy Pavilion in International Zone we’re invited by Anadi to her poetry book presentation. Una tarde con amigos – mate, tanog y dulce de leche, as Anandi says in our interview. Rebbeca talks with Beddy and Christine on Tantidhatri – a International Women’s Performing Arts Festival, and we feature an excerpt of that interview. Talks, workshops, cultural events,openings of exhibitions, music, Bulgarian dinner and many very good films will prevail this weekend.

…Know then your self; know your true self to be God and one with the self of all others; know your soul to be a portion of God. Live in what you know; live in the self, live in your supreme spiritual nature, be united with God and Godlike. Offer, first, all your actions as a sacrifice to the Highest and the One in you and to the Highest and the One in the world; deliver last all you are and do into his hands for the supreme and universal spirit to do through you his own will and works in the world. Sri Aurobindo
( from The Esasays on The Gita )

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Mar 2012

Pondicherry, Violin and Piano

On Friday 3rd of February Aurodhan Gallery will present Sebastian Cortes’s Pondicherry exhibition of fine art photographic images excluseively selected from the book launched at the same time. In today’s news we feature an excerpt of interview with Sebastian, and an excerpt of last night violin and piano concert at Pitanga by two visiting Bulgarian guest artists Yoana Strateva and Ivelina Ivancheva. Tonight at at 5pm at Arka main Hall we can join Nakada and Gopika at Vedic chants, and at 8pm at harp meditation.

Go forward calmly and firmly, not attached to success, not disturbed by unsuccess; my divine help will then never fail you.Sri Aurobindo

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2012


“Chercher plus loin, toujours plus loin”, voici la philosophie d’Aurevan, 20 ans, et de Smiti, 19 ans, toutes deux étudiantes à «Last school» depuis 7 ans. Pour elles, il ne s’agit pas d’aller à l’école afin d’obtenir des diplômes, mais de vivre l’école et même la cité, comme des lieux d’apprentissage, et de progrès permanents. A “Last school”, la joie d’apprendre et la soif de perfection sont stimulées et nourries grâce a cette éducation particulière appelée: “Libre Progrès”. Ainsi, en 2009, Smiti et Aurevan ont-elles choisi de créer, avec 2 autres étudiants, leur propre exposition d’art à la Pyramide (école d’art d’ AV).
Cette expérience intense se révélera être un véritable passage et donnera également naissance à un livre intitulé justement «Passage».
En Juillet 2010, le ministre des ressources humaines de l’Inde lui-même, viendra à Auroville soutenir et assister le lancement du livre, illustration et espoir d’une nouvelle éducation pour un futur meilleur.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Jul 2010
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