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Auroville Film Festival #3

In this episode of The Auroville Film Festival, we talk to Tlaloc who is a part of the main team of AVFF. He moved to Auroville from Miami in the 70s and has been a part of various activities and projects in and around Auroville ever since. We discuss many aspects of the Auroville Film Festival including food, music and all the art installations, as well as the new advancements in the crowd funding process.

Auroville Film Festival (#2)

In this episode of AVFF 2017, we engage in conversation with Tom Mo, who is a filmmaker and a teacher. A film enthusiast, he talks to us about how important the film festival is for Auroville. We also discuss the main categories for submission, Kino Cell, Kino Cabaret and about getting in touch with more funders for the festival to come alive.

Auroville Film Festival (#1)

This new segment features tête-à-têtes with Auroville Film Festival’s key members. The episodes constitute master classes, cinematic analysis, and behind the scenes of the upcoming biennale.

In this episode (#1) Sasikanth, filmmaker, photographer and teacher visits the AV Radio studio to talk about how it all began, submission guidelines, the Educational Outreach Program and the importance of good cinema.

Mini Festival du Film

Lionel Tardif, ex and long-time Director-Curator of the Tours Cultural Centre (France) will present
a montage of several films (extracts of about 10 ‘each) which retraces the main stages of the first period of the cinema from the primitives (1895-1920) to the End of the mute (1930) through the successive schools: the burlesque, the Swedish school, German expressionism, the Russian school and the French avant-garde. These periods show how the grammar of the cinema was constituted, and the first great cinematographic ideas which came to the attention of the preoccupations which were also born in theater, painting, music, architecture. This telescoping will give its letters of nobility to the art of the image which is enriched by drawing from the other arts. Little by little the cinema becomes a total art.
The event was organized by The French Pavilion.

AVFF Panel Discussions Tue. 6th Oct – Day 5

The panel consisted of Jill, Mala, Raman and Sasikant and the discussion covered movies from the previous day as well as the movies screened in the morning. The topics covered through the films ranged from the Israel-Palestine conflict and its representation, the preservation of language as well as the commitment to Satyagraha.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2015

Off the Cuff-46

OTC’s random topics of the day: Gandhi Jayanti an official holiday but the radio team was busy and preparations for the Film festival, which is opening today, were on-going. Movies from all over the world were collected and it is an exciting moment for all.
Auroville was covered by the major Indian newspapers with positive articles regarding our cultural events and more. It’s amazing to see how productive Auroville is. Meanwhile Pour Tous Water has its first birthday and Wazo suggests that BCC & Finance needs a collective re-thinking to look at how to move to a service society and a Fraternal Economy. Renu gives a brief report on wildlife sightings and the magic relation with nature in the Green Belt concerning wasps and bees. The Millidacious play and how to balance the free access to events organized in Auroville and the people who come from outside and the costs faced by the artists?

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Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2015

Akash Kapur & William Dalrymple

A literature evening with Akash Kapur and William Dalrymple. 
Both writers give you an appointment for a literary evening combining knowledge of Indian history, analysis of the present and visions of the future of this great country.
Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, by William Dalrymple and India Becoming: A Portait of Life in Modern India, by Akash Kapur, have just been published in French.
A wonderful opportunity to attend what promises to be an exciting exchange between the most popular British expert on South Asian History and one of the finest talents in contemporary Indian Literature, hailing from Pondicherry.

– Alliance Francaise

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Oct 2014

"A New We"

On the second day of the Auroville Film Festival many people came already in the morning. A film that seems to have grabbed special interest was “A New We” and was documenting the lifestyle of 10 intentional Communities and Ecovillages in Europe. Listen to the inspirations and insights that Aurovillians got from the lifestyle of those communities and their feeling about the Festival.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Sep 2011

“Exploration of National Soul”

On Saturday between 2.30 and 4.30 at Unity Pavilion we are all invited by The International Zone to participate to a first creative session to initiate a series of activities around the Exploration of National Soul. On the auspicious day of December 12th at theBharat Nivas Auditorium we have a chance to see Bharat Natyam dance Arangetram by Sundaraya , Seraphina Arumugam. And in Verite at 7.30 pm we can enjoy in the one woman performance with Magda San Milano. AT Cinema Paradiso, Cine Club, Eco Club at Saddhana Forest this weekend we can see some interesting and good movies.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Dec 2010

Filmer Auroville

A Dana, Basile (alias Tutsy Navarathna) et Claudine nous ouvrent les portes de leur studio, o ils distillent avec prcision des documentaires et des courts mtrages sur Auroville. Installs ici depuis dix ans, ils nous livrent leurs impressions sur les volutions culturelles et artistiques dont ils ont t tmoins. Entre Second Life, le Bhagavad-Git et Rimbaud, nous dcouvrons avec enthousiasme le travail de recherche et d’exprimentation de ces professionels. Ils posent ainsi les premires pierres d’une scne culturelle de haut niveau Auroville.

Suivez les expriences visuelles de Basile sur Youtube :

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Aug 2010