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50 years and Spouge

Following the establishment of the first English settlement at Holetown in 1627, Barbados remained a British colony for more than 300 years. Its independence on November 30, 1966 was marked by the raising of the Barbados national flag and playing the new national anthem for the first time

In Bajan culture music plays a vital role. From those early days of independence we picked up spouge as it is developed, melted in its own style, and you will hear in the first half of this musical edition. Slowly spouge will transcend into calypso and soca with songs from Crop Over of different years…

Spouge as a style of Barbadian popular music was created by Jackie Opel in the 1960s. It is primarily a fusion of Jamaican ska with Trinidadian calypso, but is also influenced by a wide variety of musics from the British Isles and United States, include sea shanties, hymns and spirituals. Spouge instrumentation originally consisted of cowbell, bass guitar, trap set and various other electronic and percussion instruments, later augmented by saxophone, trombone and trumpets.[1] Of these, the cowbell and the guitar are widely seen as the most integral part of the instrumentation, and are said to reflect the African origin of much of Barbadian music.

Can’t Keep a Good Man Down – The Draytons Two
Tighten Up – Draytons Two
Too Late – Draytons Two
Sweet Spouge Music – Blue Rhythm Combo
Jackie Opel – you’re too bad
Seaman and the Tuk Band
Sixpence – The Escorts
The Blue Rhythm Combo — Black Water Gold
Let True Love Begin – The Dukes of Barbados
Every Time She Pass (The Standpipe Song) – Sing Out Barbados
DaCosta Allamby Endorse De Cou Cou
Flatbush – monkey
woop wham
Mighty Gabby – Doctor Cassandra
Mighty Liar – Sweet Soca Music
Prince Buster – Enjoy Yourself
Peter Ram – Good Morning
Not Missing Me-Edwin Yearwood ft. Krosfyah(
Olatunji – Oh Yay
King Bubba – Calling In Sick
Madd- Pick it Up

Jujubee – Remembering Veenapanii

A kingdom of rules. An evil king. An unlikely heroine. A Jujubee…. This forms the premise for a fantastic story filled with action, colourful masks, larger-than-life puppets, music and dance! A thought-provoking play for children.

Directed by Rajiv Krishnan

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The Jaco Pastorius Tribute Band

An incredible performance has been played at Solitude Farm by the Jaco Pastorius Tribute Band with Mishko M’Ba electric bass, Suresh Bascara drums, Matt Littlewood sax and Aman Mahajan keys.

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CAT01, Arcosanti, Music

Tuesday, February 7th 4 pm at Unity Pavilion a bilingual session on: The City – We Forgot (CAT 01) by Anu, Shanker, Meenakshi, Partha in English and Tamil.

Today, Monday 6th of February at 5.30pm Reading Night: Aurovilian Writers
Reading night in English, at Citadines (next to the Art gallery) Organized by the French Pavilion for AUROLIRE festival

Tuesday, 7th February, 2017 – 8 pm sharp, CRIPA, AurovilleConcert of Western Music with Ladislav Puskhar

Tuesday, February 7 – Time: 4 pm at Bhavishyate, Sri Aurobindo Centre of Studies… India and the World Bharat Nivas, AurovilleCreative Intelligence – An introduction to collaborative problem-solving

Wednesday, February 8th @ 5 pm to 6:30 pm – at Cinema ParadisoARCOSANTI: an old connection, a new collaboration? PAOLO SOLERI’s theory of compact city design, ARCOLOGY [ARCHITECTURE + ECOLOGY]

Do not aim at success. Our aim is perfection. Remember you are on the threshold of a new world, participating in its birth and instrumental in its creation. There is nothing more important than the transformation. There is no interest more worthwhile.
The Words of The Mother, Vol. 12

The Funky Side of Life

The 3rd International Potter’s Market ended on 28th January at the Visitor’s Centre with the enjoyable concert of “The Funky Side of Life”, a band composed by two vocalists Vera and Swaha, Matt at sax, Dhani guitars and vocals, Shakti piano and vocals, Sep at drums and Rolf at Bass. More than one hour of good music, well played classic jazz hits and original songs.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Feb 2017

Yes for AP, Savitri, Jazz

Tuesday, January 31st at 4 pm at Unity Pavilion -‘The Auroville Foundation Act’, 1988 – (CAT 08)

The Appeal Process is approved! Residents Assembly Service has registered 237 votes (214 – yes, 23 – no) which are only 13.8% of our population (1718 registered residents):

Monday January 30th at 7 pm at The Matrimandir Garden of Unity we are invited to the “Man, sole awake …” – selections from Savitri

On Wednesday 1st of February At Solitude Farm : A TRIBUTE TO PASTORIUS

Thursday, 2nd- February at 3:30 pm at Citadine Art Gallery CHIRU Auroville Conversations – Vikram on “Collaboration instead of Competition in Physical Education and Exploration

Ultimate Frisbee – 7th annual Auroville Hat Tournament on the 4th & 5th of February.

Go forward calmly and firmly, not attached to success, not disturbed by unsuccess; my divine help will then never fail you
Sri Aurobindo

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"My Journey Through Indian Music"

On the 12th Janurary 2017, on the full moon night, at the Tibetan Pavillion, Gordon Kortange shared his story about his journey to India through Indian Music.
Gordon began learning Karnatic Indian Flute as an early Aurovillian, learning from teachers in Pondicherry. He then returned to the USA where he studied world music at Weseyan University. For many years he performed in a Karnatic music group called Kirtana.

That’s What We Need

Global Jazz mix featuring musicians from all corners of the globe

Nitin Sawhney – Chetan Jeevan (Conscious Life)
Akale Wube – Alegntaye (ft. Genet Asefa)
Cheick Tidiane Seck & Hank Jones – Fantague
Trilok Gurtu – African Fantasy
Bahama Soul Club – That’s What We Need
Erik Truffaz – Doni Doni – Seydou
St Germain – Sittin’ Here (Boddhisatva)
Fatoumata Diawara & Roberto Fonseca – Sowa
Gasper Lawal – Kita Kita
Karim Ziad & Merchane Jilala
Vlatko Stefanovski and Theodosii Spassov-Gypsy Song.
Cubismo feat. Saban Bajramovic – Delem delem
The Nile Project – Salaam Nubia

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Jan 2017

Happy Indian Republic Day

We are cordially invited to attend Flag Hoisting Ceremony to celebrate the Indian Republic Day:
Thursday, 26th January at 8.15 am at the :Entrance campus space of Auditorium and Kalakendra Building.Bharat Nivas

Unity Pavilion, Friday Friday January 27th, 4 pm traditional African Medicines and its Role in Today’s Health Challenges , A presentation by Dr Aunkh Chabalala

Sunday 29th January 4 pm at Unity Pavilion African Astronomy and Cosmology by Dr Aunkh Chabalala.

From 26th to 28th of January between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm at the Visitor’s Centre, Auroville Auroville International Potters’ Market

Visitors’ Center, on Saturday 28th of Jan at 7:30 pm Jazz-Café ConcertPresents in collaboration with the Potter’s Market“The funky side of life”

Saturday 28/1/17 at WELL CAFE. Love the dance floor 7.00 PM – DINNER8.30 PM TILL MIDNIGHT -Rock the show with D.J JESSE on the decks. Groovy beats to move your funky feet

Sunday January 29th or Monday January 30thAt 7 pm at The Matrimandir Garden of Unity we are invited to the “Man, sole awake …

On Saturday 28th and 29th January, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)Time: Play starts at 7 pm at Adishakti TheatreMonkey and The Mobile

Sunday 29th of January at 4pm we can witness New Darkali Sports Track inauguration

Sunday 29th at 4pm at Skate Park near Dehashakti sports ground we are invited to inaguration of the new ramp brought from Aurovelo.

29th January at Solitude Farm at 8pm FUNKY DANCE MUSIC

Capoeira GINGA SAROBA FESTIVAL (27th to 29th of January)Open to regular practitioners only, 3 days of events….With the presence of Mestre Branco, Prof. Pezao, Pé de Bode, Inst. Cameleao, Pierre,… info 9488328435]

Consciousness is a fundamental thing, the fundamental thing in existence -it is the energy , the motion, the movement of consciousness that creates the universe and all that is in it -not only the macrocosm but the microcosm is nothing but consciousness arranging itself. …
Vol 22 236-37

Integral Wealth, Pottery, Jazz,..

The Auroville Council invites us all for a special gathering with Jean-François Noubel on Tuesday, Jan. 24th from 4 – 6.30 pm at Unity Pavilion.- FROM SCARCE MONEY TO INTEGRAL WEALTH Can Auroville build a global gift economy?

Wednesday 25th January – at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture Meditation with the Peace Bell.

Events at Solitude Farm 25th Jazzwith Matt Littlewood Trio, , 29th January: FUNKY DANCE MUSIC, 1st February: A TRIBUTE TO PASTORIUS.

Wednesday January 25th, 3 to 4.30 pm at Certitude Dome we are invited to an Open Sharing”Our life is our school, this is our education”.

On Thursday 26th at 5.30pm at Savitri Bhavan Reading Room Divyanshi Chugh will share her last session on the theme of:Integral Health and Healing.

Thursday 26th January 3:30 pm at Citadine Art Gallery within Cirhuaurovilian Conversations Pashi on the topic of “Prosperity”.

Sunday 29th of January at 4pm we can witness New Darkali Sports Track inauguration.

GINGA SAROBA FESTIVAL (27th to 29th of January)Open to regular practitioners only, 3 days of events….With the presence of Mestre Branco, Prof. Pezao, Pé de Bode, Inst. Cameleao, Pierre,…

From 26th to 28th of January between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm at the Visitor’s Centre Auroville International Potters’ Market . On Saturday 28th of Jan at 7:30 pm Jazz-Café Concert Presents in collaboration with the Potter’s Market
“The funky side of life”.

On Friday 27th at 4pm at Unity Pavilion we can listen to a talk – Traditional African Medicines and its Role in Today’s Health Challenges by Dr Aunkh Chabalala, and talk from past week is reschedule.

28th and 29th January, at 7pm at Adishkati Monkey and The Mobile.

On Sunday January 29th or Monday January 30th at 7pm at The Matrimandir Garden of Unity we are invited to a selection from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, – “Man, sole awake …”

Consciousness is a reality inherent in existence. It is there even when it is not active on the surface, but silent and immobile; it is there even when it is invisible on the surface, not reacting on outward things or sensible to them, but withdrawn and either active or inactive within; it is there even when it seems to us to be quite absent and the being to our view unconscious and inanimate.
Vol 22 page 234

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