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VOX POP on Summer

We, Yona and Leela, are two Future School students who came to do their first week of volunteering in the AV Radio. We learned to make play lists, edit recordings and for the day before our last we went to two schools in order to ask a couple people the same questions about a hot topic in Auroville at the moment, SUMMER!
No one can escape the heat, not even with the latest rains (which we are all extremely grateful) so we decided that instead of trying to forget about or ignore the weather, we will bring it up and see what people have to say.

Quorum of the Community

After Residents’ Assembly Decision-Making Event on the selection process of the Auroville Council and Working Committee Saturday June 28 the RAS registered that we had quorum and the community decided yes for question 1(AVC), and no for question 2(WC). On 12-13 July, and on 19-20 July at Unity Pavilion in International Zone Marie Claire is offering training on Healing with Love- holoenergetics developed by Dr.Laskow. Recently opened Le Zephry at Visitor Centre is screening all the matches of World Cup. Om Namo Bhagavat on Sunday at 7pm at MM.

In the Divine, by the Divine all is transfigured and glorified; in the Divine is found the key of all mysteries and all powers.
The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jun 2014

Schools Reopened

After two months summer holidays are over for children of Auroville since schools reopened their doors. In today’s news we’re featuring interview with Felix and Zasha who have chosen to to the community service within Future School program for first year at AVRadio. Rajeev has also joined the team. On Wednesday at 4.30pm at Unity PAvilion in International Zone is a General Meeting to discuss recent incidents of violence in the Auroville area. On Thursday 11th at 4pm at Joy Guest House – Invitation for “Hearing the Newcomers”

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jul 2013

Creating an Open Space

AT SAWCHU on Wednesday at 4pm Important Community meeting on to create a cooperative ways between residents and working groups. Same day, at 5pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture talk of Dr. Mathieu Boisvert with “A historical account of the emergence of the Vedas and the great Hindu epics”. Saturday May 4th, at 8 pm at CRIPA we are invited to a SHAKTI DANCE TROUPE Presenting Night of Exotic Indian Dance Including Odissi, Bharathanatyam, Contemporary and Bollywood Dance. On Sunday at 5pm SAWCHU Celebration of World Laughter Day .

Aspiration of the mind for the supramental guidance: the mind feels that its complexity is powerless and asks for a grater light it illumine it.The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Apr 2013

Summer Schedule

Our team of Auroville Radio would like to inform you that for the summer our news will be published only three times per week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but if any of you would like share anything with us, you are welcome to contact us on 262 3331 or pass by the radio. Auroville Town Development Council have invited the Frontiers Polymers Pvt Ltd on May 2, 2012 at 2 pm at the office of Auroville Town Development Council, Town Hall, to describe their line of products, mainly the movable speed breakers made of recycled natural rubber.

It is not by mental activity that you can quiet your mind, it is from a higher or deeper level that you can receive the help you need. And both can be reached in silence only. – The Words of The Mother, Vol. 12

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Apr 2012


Tonight the first batch of 26 children is leaving to Auroville Nature Camp – 2011 at Kavunji in Kodaikanal. Which will be between 4th to 12th of . They will leave tonight just after midnight from SAIIER Transport Campus by bus and they will return by bus on 12thMay at 7pm. Some Services and units are closed for a short or longer summer break, and they all advise you to check out the summer timings before you visit them. Tomorrow at 4,30 pm L’AVenir d’Auroville invites all interested at the gate of the Courage community to the 2nd Transit Lounge meeting,to walk to the actual site. Afterwards they will continue the meeting at the Solar kitchen terrace where the talk will be about the site, common infrastructure, number of people willing to commit and any other topics and questions and answers that come up.

The Truth is present upon earth and dwells wherever there is a receptivity or a consciousness ready to manifest it.Whoever is sincere in his resolution to serve the Truth will know, or rather [be] made to know, at each moment what he or she must do to serve the Truth for there are many ways of serving It.The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2011


Perumal, part of Auroville Radio Team left two years ago to Paris to study media and communication when the opportunity was given to him in the form of scholarship. Every step is huge for him, he confides us in a short interview, but years back he decided that he really want to achieve a proper education, so for him isn’t that important where he will sleep(first year he slept every three nights on different locations) but want to finish the study. This toss he came with his university – American University in Paris – students, and he’s in charge of the logistic. This group of students came to do the practicum, and to realize the projects on the field of communication, and other subjects in four weeks.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Dec 2010
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