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Auroville Film Festival (#1)

This new segment features tête-à-têtes with Auroville Film Festival’s key members. The episodes constitute master classes, cinematic analysis, and behind the scenes of the upcoming biennale.

In this episode (#1) Sasikanth, filmmaker, photographer and teacher visits the AV Radio studio to talk about how it all began, submission guidelines, the Educational Outreach Program and the importance of good cinema.

What Makes Us who We are

Professor Sehdev Kumar presented the third lecture titled: “Nature /Nurture Debate?” in a series of four called “The Human Journey Across the Ages, Ecology, Culture and The Self”. In this Lecture Dr. Kumar has touched for 5000 years old controversial topic – what does come to us from the nature and what comes form the culture.

Jacob’s Ladder

Within month long series of lectures on Human Journey across the Ages, Ecology, Culture and The Self Prof. Sehdev Kumar shared last night at Unity Pavilion his last lecture with the title Jacob’s Ladder:Where Must it Lead to? The Future of Man. In this last session he took a biblical story of Jacob’s Ladder, and tried to explain how it was interpreted through times. Further he dwells into rapid development of past 100 years touching as well the Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts and predictions.

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Mar 2017

Gms on TDC, BCC , Women's Health

In today’s news we are featuring an excerpt of interview with Paula Murphy on Auroville Women’s Health Survey presentation on Thrusday 16th of March at 10.30am at SAIIER conference hall.

Thursday 16th of March at 4:30 pm at Unity Pavilon General Meeting regarding the TDC restructuring.

Friday 17th of March at 3.30pm at Unity Pavilion BCC is going to hold a General Meeting

On March 14th, from 4 – 5pm,At Bhavisyate, Bharat Nivas,Presentation of “Auroville Education Survey: 1968-2013”By Deepti and Suryamayi

Wednesday, 15th of March at 5pm at Kalakendra Art Gallery – Vedic Chanting in Sanskritoffered by the Members of YogaVahini School, Students of Sri TKV Desikachar, Chennai.

Within lectures at Universtiy of Human Unity at Unity Pavilion March Thrusdays at 7.30pm this Thursday “How do we humans communicate with each other, and with the universe? The Birth of Science, Arts and the Languages” by Dr. Sedhev Kumar

The Litter Free Auroville 2017 OPENING EVENING!
Friday 17 of March – 5pm
at Kalakendra, Bharat Nivas.

After I knew that God was a woman, I learned something from far-off about love; but it was only when I became a woman and served my Master and Paramour that I knew love utterly.
– Sri Aurobindo

Happy Birthhday Bhaga !!!

Bhaga arrived in Auroville in 1972 and since then has been a pioneering force in Auroville’s various aspect. We met up with Bhaga, a day before her birthday which is on 23 February to chat with her and wish her best wishes for the coming year. In a delightful exchange of thoughts, Bhaga chose to speak more about her favorite topic ‘Auroville’ than her personal being. She speaks about her life in Aurovile past, present, future and deeply reflects upon what it means to have true collaboration between people who have come to Auroville, to manifest Auroville. Bhaga as always speaks her heart out frankly and courageously to not overlook her own participation in bringing the change in human consciousness. Many sweet memories of the past were also cherished and future aspiration mentioned, listening to her helps in going into deep awareness of presence of the divine and brings consciousness into our being, much like her work, workshops on cellular consciousness, Labarotary of Evolution or the publication of her books.
We wish many more delightful years to come for us, with Bhaga. OM!!!

Ideals for Human Unity with CIIS

Welcome to students from California Institute of integral Studies to a discussion with Aurovillians and guests on ‘Ideals for Human Unity’. The gathering at this open discussion forum was quite unique and diverse which in itself was a hallmark of human nity. A space to speak your mind and offer patient listening must definitely be counted as a core ideal to achieve human unity, for that part, Auroville is definitely the right canvas. A topic which could have very easily become just a philosophical or a psychological stimuli, grew rather a practical and rational exchange of thoughts. Auroville which is playing a crucial role in world history by reasoning to become a cradle for human unity, the topic was right at home with everyone participating. Aurovillians gave quite a frank and honest sharing about their present state both physically and spiritually. A common premise that human unity is a goal to be achieved, a lot of the group had interesting inputs which could suggest, human unity is not a target but rather an eventual state of life, lead by the divine and the supramental force.
In any case, it is sharing of such quality that strengthens ones hope in aspiring the unknown, as ‘everything seems possible’.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Jan 2017


Creating Auroville Together – CAT : Session 5
The CAT’s are at it again, persevering and organizing yet another deep thoughts provoking meeting for the residents of Auroville. The agenda to address is of Human Unity, as clearly mentioned in the charter, Auroville is a place of Human Unity, but the question is ‘How to achieve and preserve this unity’. Aspiration group joined hands with the CAT team for this special presentation and lead the entire meeting. A very unique approach was carved by them to enable a consensus on the topic. 4 questions were posed to the group to explore and introspect and the these were no ordinary or random question, they were questioned for which Mother has already left us with answers. The meeting was very warm and lot of good will exchange. People attending the meet, quite appreciated the efforts of the group to stimulate the community into a brainstorming which will capable us with out-of-the-box thinking and type of sharing which was result oriented. Auroville which is perhaps, in a kind of a transition phase, definitely can take valuable insights and inputs by the CAT’s meetings. Everyone interested in Creating Auroville Together should ensure they are part of the upcoming CAT meetings.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Jan 2017

Off the Cuff – 53

The monsoon rains continue to fall, reported flooding areas in Chennai, here in Auroville its muddy roads with grateful greenery sprouting abundantly changing the customary route to our office to share an Off the Cuff on what we have been up to and what we observe and who gets to talk when.

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AVFF 2015: And the Winner is….

As the 2015 Auroville Film Festival drew to a close, Svaram drummers Marco and Tlaloc performed for the crowd and, with the help of jurors, gave the prizes in all four categories. The Drupad mime act kept the crowd entertained during the intermission, and the evening ended with the Tamil play of Yatra students which was interrupted by rain at the opening ceremony last Friday.
Creativity and passion for film and other art forms in the community is growing, as proven by the excellent films submitted by and about Aurovillians, and especially those created by students. Every festival gets better and better as the quality of the movies reaches new highs.

We enjoyed five days of interesting, funny and thought-provoking films, discussions on the theme of human unity. We have socialized, listened to brilliant music performances, and feasted on some good food. Thanks to Auroville Film Festival organizers, and all the volunteers!

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2015

Contributing to Human Unity AVFF, 3 Oct, Panel talks, Day 1

Contributing to Human Unity is the theme and of the Auroville Film Festival 2015 and every day there are moderated discussions, or round tables, discussing the films that are being screened in the category of films that develop the theme of human unity. These will happen every day at the SAIIER Conference Room between 2.30 to 3.30pm, from 3rd to 7th of October. This year Sasi, along with Suresh Jayaram, will be leading those discussions.
The following is the recording of today’s round-table panel discussion where Phillipe Borrel, Mr. Ramanam, and Doris joined Sasi, and Suresh.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2015
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