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It’s the most vague and complicated thing in any of our lives. In fact, it’s so convoluted, no one even bothers defining it; they just sprinkle it anywhere it’s convenient. We all speak the language, but no one knows what they’re saying. It’s like an argument waiting to happen…

A Review of 'In An Antique Land'

In this segment, I review ‘In An Antique Land’ written by Amitav Ghosh in 1992. The book follows two main narratives, the first is the anthropological account of Ghosh’s time in Egyptian villages in the present and the other is the life of a trader named Abraham Ben Yiju in the past. As an Indian anthropology student, this book was immediately fascinating to me because it deals with the dilemma of studying a subject with a dark colonial past as a former colonial subject. Furthermore, the book is ambitious in it’s desire to recreate the past not defined by colonial conquering but one of peaceful cultural and material exchange between two countries (Egypt and India).

Mother's Q & A – 21 Sept 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers,
September 21, 1955

Mother speaks about the increasing commercial mentality in the world, and how the world is ill. She explains about the production of cheap books on many subjects, including literature. She explains that the level of the arts is degraded and that the level of what is printed in books is lowered so that more people will buy them. She explains about the necessity for children to have an integral progress in order to develop fully so that their spiritual ascent will be better. This week we have the original French tape recording of Mother’s class, and this particular recording is very special because, for the first time, we have the recording of Mother reading the material before the questions and answers start.

Akash Kapur & William Dalrymple

A literature evening with Akash Kapur and William Dalrymple. 
Both writers give you an appointment for a literary evening combining knowledge of Indian history, analysis of the present and visions of the future of this great country.
Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, by William Dalrymple and India Becoming: A Portait of Life in Modern India, by Akash Kapur, have just been published in French.
A wonderful opportunity to attend what promises to be an exciting exchange between the most popular British expert on South Asian History and one of the finest talents in contemporary Indian Literature, hailing from Pondicherry.

– Alliance Francaise

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Oct 2014

Le Corbeau et le Renard

Matre Corbeau, sur un arbre perch;
Tenait en son bec un fromage.
Matre Renard, par l’odeur allch;
Lui tint peu après ce langage :
et bonjour, Monsieur du Corbeau;
Que vous tes jolis ! que vous me semblez beau !
Sans mentir, si votre ramage
Se rapporte votre plumage;
Vous tes le Phnix des hautes de ces bois.
ces mots le corbeau ne se sent pas de joie;
Et pour montrer sa belle voix, ….

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Jul 2013

Culture and the Mother`s Day

In today’s new’s we’re featuring an interview with Jean-Christophe about his tonight flute meditation at 7.30pm at Pitanga, and Nistha talks on on translation of old vedics text into more poetic form. The Auroville Theater Group presents THREE(dances) in ONE(evening) tomorrow at 7.30pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi. At The Matrimandir Amphitheater On Thursday 21.2.2013,at The Mother’s Birthday will be a collective meditation. Reading passages from Savitri, accompanied with flute at 5.30pm. AV Basketball League is going on until 28th of February

If we had a truly living faith, an absolute certitude of the almighty power of the Divine, His manifestation could be so evident that the whole earth would be transformed by it.The Words of The Mother, Vol. 14

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Feb 2013

Krishna poem by Celestine

Celestine is an Aurovillian artist who came here twenty-five years ago. She wrote a touching poem about Krishna in order to express her feelings and to spread those deep emotions in Auroville and outside. She is giving us an interview about her inspiration, her love for dancing and the power of movement. Listen to her explanations and the poem itself which is called ‘Krishna and piano’.
‘My heart vibrates wildly, swells up tears in my eyes, fills up every nerve and fiber with joy… Even the Thane Cyclone couldnt move me…’

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2012

Un écrivain comptant pour rien

Le silence la radio, c’est mal vue. a fait un trou qu’il faut vite boucher, un temps mort qu’il faut vite ranimer. Curieusement, aujourd’hui, nous avons interview un homme de silence, qui n’a jamais pris la parole autour d’un plat de patte la sauce tomate, un mardi, vers 12h30 la Solar Kitchen. Il n’a d’ailleurs strictement rien dire o qu’il soit. Heureusement, nous avons russi le faire parler. crivain mconnu qui tient le rester, son cas nous semble malgr tout suffisamment intressant pour vous retransmettre cet entretient futile mais utile.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Apr 2010

Je reviens de gaza!

J’ai pass ma vie chercher l’unit humaine o quelle se trouve, surtout Auroville. Humour du divin ou pas, aprs quarante ans nous sommes 2000 et quelques milliers dans le monde y croire alors que des centaines de millions d’hommes se battent, se hassent du nord au sud et de l’ouest l’est. Riches contre pauvres, blancs contre noirs, blancs entre blancs, noirs entre noirs… Ainsi toutes les couleurs de l’arc en ciel humain se dtestent copieusement. Vu de Paris o je rside actuellement le conflit Isralo-palestinien est un nud, un trou noir dans l’aventure de l’unit humaine tant recherche.

J’ai donc voulu comprendre en allant sur place et je n’ai rien compris, mais j’ai senti. J’ai senti l’odeur de la terre et des pins le matin au lev du jour si semblable dans les deux pays. J’ai senti les corps se battre, se har alors que les mes pourraient s’embrasser. J’ai donc dcid d’offrir un peu de mon temps, de mon exprience. Ainsi le projet "Des Ateliers d’criture pour la Paix" est n; Trois sessions d’ateliers d’criture l’issu desquelless un concours de nouvelles slectionnera les meilleurs auteurs qui seront invits une semaine en France. La langue franaise comme espace de libert et d’change. La littrature comme espace de paix. Pour le moment nous en sommes la premire phase. Des ateliers d’criture en Palestine dans quatre universits: Ramallah, Gaza, Naplus et Hbron dont le laurat remportera un sjour d’une semaine en France. Je reviens de Gaza!!!

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Feb 2010

Toward Genuine Sustainability

Dr. Marc Luyckx Ghisi, vice chair of Auroville’s International Advisory Council, and advisor to the presidents Delors and Santer at the European Commission, talks about his last book “The Knowledge Society”. The just released book is a synthesis of today’s issues of globalization, the transition to post-industrial life and changing paradigmas in science, economics and management, all enfolded in a deep cultural analysis of changing ethical, religious and spiritual values that will create a planetary society based on matrifocal values and cultural creativity.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jul 2008