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Marco speaking on Tai-Chi-Chuan

Marco and Krishna offered a valuable workshop for beginners in Tai-Chi-Chuan.
The workshop was held at the famous Tai-Chi hall in Sharanga community, in Auroville. The workshop attracted guest and residents of Auroville. The workshop was conducted for 18 days for 3 hours session each morning. One half of the session were dedicated for mediation and Chi techniques and the other half for learning and practicing the 24-forms of Tai-Chi. In an incredible module of teaching, Marco shared his knowledge and guided the students with a masters touch and was very gentle yet vigilant for people’s slightest of errors. The workshop was an insight not only to learning of the method but an understanding of Chi which exist in and outside our body, which the Chinese referred to as vital force behind each movement.
The Tai-Chi school offers its space every morning throughout the week for people to come and practice Tai-Chi with the masters. Such workshops are unique and life changing for some, as the students attending the workshop give their sharing of experience about the workshop at the end of the interview with Marco.
Auroville is truly at the receiving end of a gift the Tai-Chi school and masters like Marco represent.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Feb 2017

I am Yusuf and this is my brother

Mein Huun Yusuf Aur Yeh Hai Mera Bhai, a play by Aasaktha, Pune.
Playwright Amir Nizar Zuabi, directed by Mahit Takalkar.

One of the last performances within remembering Veenapani month long festival at Adishkati last night touched one of painful moments of human history, and as one Palestinian poet points out: These tears that we shed, should be for those still breathing.

Story of three – Yusuf, Ali and Nada remembering 1948 when the British mandate ended in Palestine, and the Un was voting on who will control what part of the land… Love story between Ali and Nada, and friendship between mentally challenged Yusuf and Ali, who , as we find out in the end, is responsible for Yusuf’s condition.
Powerfull story, amazing acting
Ipshita Chakrabory, Ashish Mehta, Iftenda Joshi, Ajeet Singh Palawart, Ninad Mahajani, Mrinmayee Godbole, Sandeep Shikhar, Jayesh Newi, Arpeetta Chogardare, Sagar Deshmuukh, Tejaswini Barve, Alap Vaidya, Hirhsikeeh Pujari, Vinayak Lele.

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Comments: 0 Date: 25 Feb 2017

Pygmy Love Song

Featuring some excellent musicians mostly from West Africa ….

Ma Jaiye Oni – King Sunny Ade
Mampam Sukuruwe – Sweet Talks
A Capella no.4/Des Hauts Et Des Bas – Les Têtes Brulées
Yélé n Na – Salif Keïta
Lastou Adri – Souad Massi
Ewa Ka Djo – Angélique Kidjo
Pygmy Love Song – Francis Bebey
Fantastic Man – William Onyeabor
Kala – Mbongwana Star
Khulumani – Nkata Mawewe
Mbongwana Star – Nganshe
New Bell – Manu Dibango
King Sunny Ade – The Message (Love Ltd Edit)

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Feb 2017

The World is My Home, part2

Soulful Afrohouse – tribal house music in appreciation of Black Coffee, Boddhi Satva, Black Motion, Afrikan Roots, Xoli M…

Black Coffee – Ziph Inkomo
Black Motion & Dj Shimza – Ngoja
Afrikan Roots Feat. Xoli M – Angel
Dj Choice & Afrikan Roots ft BK – My Window
Dj Lopez Feat Black Motion- Fortune Teller
BlackCoffee feat Bantu Soul – Even Though
DJ Nascent, Stones & Bones – Supernatural (Epitome Resound Afro Bless)
Etu Beats & Tseko feat. John Moabi – Love Is You [Duma West].
Boddhi Satva – Nankoumandjan
Afrikan Roots – Dance of the Tribe (feat. Tlokwe Sehume)
Black Motion (feat. Black Coffee & Xelimpilo) – Thamokuro
Black Coffee – Gardens of Eden
Da Vynalist, King Mshivo, Luyanda Makapela – Space Fantasy

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Feb 2017


Last night performance Park at Adishkati within Remembering Veenapani month long festival yielded laughter from the gathered audience.
A Sandbox Collective production directed by Nimi Ravidran on humorous way highlighted human psychology when it comes to ego and possession.
Set in the small park of three benches with an inevitable squabble for the choicest of seats by three men

Playwright: Manav Kaul
Director: Nimi Ravidran
Performers: Ashis D’Abreo, Jimmy Xavier, Deepak Subrahmanya
Light: Bharavl
Sound: Medha Agrawal

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Feb 2017

Peace, Justice for All

Last night and still tonight Auroville Choir, Youth Choir and Instumental Ensemble are sharing with the community at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India The Peacemakers by Karl Jenkins.
“Music has the capacity to breathe harmony into the soul. The Peacemakers breathes the harmony of Peace.” Terry Waite

Choir director and vocal coach, and conductor Nuria
Instrumental and Ensemble director Matthew
Sound engineer Joel
Lights Jean

Youth Choir Aloe, Amber, Asia, Claire, Daniel Hye Yoon, Jangchup, Luna, Mir, Neha, Pia, Pooja, Prithvi, Raman, Sarah, Samedha, Snea, Tara, Akila, Auroshree, Eurydice, Hannah, Leela, Manisa, Masha, Mir, Rathan, Yugesh

Auroville Choir
Aisha, Ambra, Anandamayi, Bessie, Carla, Elke, Isabelle, Karen, Kathrin, Lisbeth, Marina, Marion, Pauliena, Stefania, Swaha, Agsaneh, Divya, Gumsoon, Helema, Helgard, Malvika, Mila, Miriam, Pala, Ratna, Rita, Srimoyi, Stefanie, Tineke,
Antonio, Emaniele, Jean-Yves, Lyle, Otto, Stefa, Tom, Umberto

Instrumental Ensemble
flute Bryce, piano Carel, guitar and trumpet Shanks, keyboards and saxophone Matthew, double bass and violin Holger, electric bass Txuma, drums Matthia, percussion Prakash

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Feb 2017

The World is My Home

Soulful Afrohouse – tribal house music in appreciation of Black Coffee, Boddhi Satva, Black Motion, Xoli M…….

Black Coffe ft Zano – Someday
Black Motion – Bhana Shilolo (feat. Zulu)
Jullian Gomes ft. Sia – 1000 Memories
Afrikan Roots – 8 Prophets (feat. Black Motion)
Black Motion – Imali (feat. Nokwazi)
Boddhi Satva – Beautiful Humans (feat. Les Nubians)
Monique Bingham & Black Coffee – Deep In The Bottom (of Africa)
Stones & Bones feat. Tweety – Be There (Christos Fourkis Afro Groove Mix)
Atjazz & Jullian Gomes Agbara feat Wunmi
Black Coffee – Arise And Shine
Boddhi Satva – Apaga O Fogo (Uhuru Remix) [feat. Game Walla]
Xoli M – My Better Half (Afrikan Roots Main Mix)
Black Coffee, Nomisupasta and Black Motion – Traveler

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Feb 2017

The Sage For the Ages

Within Remembering Veenapani Festival at Adishakti we heard last night The Sage For the Ages and Kaartikz Ensemble.
Safor for the Ages is anew age independent band with members form India and Bangladesh, and they have shared with the audience stories through their original songwriiting, arranged for trio.
In the second set with quartet Kaartikz Ensemble some jazz standards (Wayne Shoriter, Tania Maria…..etc) were played, and contemporary arrangements of tradition Bengali music.
– Kaartik on Voical, Baritone Guitar and Gutiar Synth
– Kirtana on Vocals and Guitar
– Raj on Bass
– Turjo on Drums

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Comments: 0 Date: 12 Feb 2017

The Science of the Environment

The science of the environment: Architecture’s influence on health and well-being. Dr. Jan Golembiewski, a global though-leader on the link between architecture and neuroscience, discuss some of the mechanism at play and make recommendations on how we can make our homes and building healthier.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2017

Transparent Water – Tama Tama

What happens when rich Mandinka culture with its griot meets Swiss harp?
Today’s musical edition explores “dreamy” kora of West Africa conveying stories of life, love… lullabies
Out of many, Seckou Keita shares his tradition, and reach over the borders with universal language of music.
New album as an amazing collaboration with Omar Sosa

Secko Keita Quartet – Kanu Foro
Seckou Keita Miro ft Mariama Kouyate
Secko Keita Quartet – Missing You
Seckou Keita – Future Strings in E – 22 Strings
Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita – Two Harps That Beat As One
Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté – Jarabi
Mali – Bamako KONODJANFI Koniba Traore
Kasse Mady Diabate – Simbo
Fatoumata Diawara & Amine Bouhafa – Timbuktu Fasso
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate – Sabu Yerkoy
Rokia Traore – Sabali
Habib Koite – Sirata
Fatoumata Diawara – Kanou
Ballake Sissoko – Nalesonko
Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita – Les Bras De La Mer
Seckou Keita Quartet-Tounga
Seckou Keita – Tana

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