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Birthing the New Humanity at Unity Pavilion

On Tuesday the 19th of December at Unity Pavilion, a presentation was given on Birthing the New Humanity.

Warning: the audio includes some graphic content.

In this presentation, Krishna shared a report from the recent Birthing the New Humanity Conference, and Paula spoke about the Newborn and the Microbiome.
Ravi and Prem Shakti spoke about Conscious Conception and shared personal experiences, and
Auroville’s Morning Star Birth Centre Team concluded the talk by addressing the future of birth in Auroville.

Some key points of the presentation included the influence that a Mother’s health has on her baby,
the importance of beneficial microbes and the impact that different modes of birth have on the baby.

49th Foundation Day of Auroville

Right after the sunrise bonfire at the Matrimandir, Aurovillians have participated in the photo gathering at Tibetian Pavilion on 28 February 2017 to celebrate the 49th Foundation Day of Auroville.

Participants were formed in the shape of ‘The Mother’s symbol’ which resembles the message of human unity and and divine consciousness. The photos were captured by the drone camera organized by Max and other members of Auroville International.

Speaking to Auroville Radio, Mr. Julia, an American who has been at Auroville International since its foundation said that this 49th Foundation Day is just special because Auroville would be gearing up for the golden jubilee celebrations next year and would cherish all the activities done so far at Auroville. He also thanked the local authorities especially the people of Pondicherry who have been generous is extending help and the helping spread the mission of human unity and peace for global development and divine consciousness.

Kavitha from Youth Link and Anandi from the Realization of Auroville have expressed their views at the program.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Mar 2017

My Burning Heart – Satprem

On the 15th Janurary 2017 at Cripa, Francesca enacted a monologue from Satprem’s interview “7 days in India” titled “My Burning Heart”, which was directed by Moghan. It was such a great performance where everyone present appreciated the acting as much as the story.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Jan 2017

Be like a flower by the Mother

Within the series of True Stories of Volunteers organized by SAVI at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, International Zone past Thrusday we heard Avigal, long time volunteer with her story on the work with Auroculture.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 May 2016

Auroville’s Birthday Meditation

On February 28th 1968, Auroville was founded. As every year, Aurovilians and friends gather on this date to celebrate together, waiting for the sunrise, with a great dawnfire (dawn-bonfire).

The recorded voice of The Mother Mirra Alfassa, founder of Auroville, welcomes us reminding principles, goals and duties of this “living experiment”, of this “city that the world needs”. “Benedictions à Auroville” is written with flowers on the floor in front of the urn that contains handfuls of soil from all 250 countries that founded Auroville 48 years ago.

Happy birthday!

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Mar 2016

Savitri Music

“[Sunil’s] music is the splendour of future creation:
Oh, it comes like a dazzling sun…”

The Mother

Sunil’s music is part of the Ashram life today. Some call it Ashram music, and others, not familiar with Sunil, even call it the Mother’s music. In fact, Sunil himself always said it was the Mother’s, for he took his inspiration from her; it was at her insistence that he began his musical explorations. His music has an unmistakable texture, and though it changed appreciably in tonal content from the early days of pedal-organs to the recent timbres of modern synthesisers, there remains a distinctive touch which can only be called Sunil’s.

Recorded & mastered by The Unstitute

It is a big step for Auroville

During the International Zone General Meeting, I have come across two visitors from Department of Politics and International Studies, Pondicherry Central University at Unity Pavilion on 22nd February 2016.

Mr. Bishwajit and Ms. Gayathry are pursuing their Masters in Politics and International Relations at the University and have attend the conference to get some exposure of the various cultures and talks held at the international meeting.

In a short interview with Mr. Bishwajit, he has expressed his views on the International Zone being built in Auroville. He said that ” Its really a big step for Auroville” in creating such an unique idea of bringing the world cultures at a glance. This would not only enable experience the cultures of the world by the people at Auroville but also the people residing in Pondicherry and other parts of India.
This creates an environment of learning international affairs and spirit of One Community which the Mother has idealized for the sustainable development of the world.

He later added that these Pavilions are an innovative thought, where foundations been laid by the Mother now being developed by the Aurovillians.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2016

Oneness among a myriad cultures

In a recent interview with Mr. Luigi, a lead member of the International Zone  Coordination Group at the occasion of the Meeting held at Unity Pavilion of Auroville on 22nd February 2016, has expressed great impressions on the ongoing infrastructure development plan of the International Zone which is soon being setup in Auroville

He has represented all the Auroville guests, visitors and new comers in the creation of a platform for an International Zone to exhibit and exchange various cultures and traditions of different country nationals who join Auroville. This International Zone is an unique place in India, where different parts of lands at Auroville would be allotted to various countries for the construction of their pavilions in their native design and style. This would create an atmosphere for mutual respect and cooperation and above that empowers exchange of culture and promote Peace among the different societies of the world.

The interesting part is that, these pavilions would be the permanent mission of Auroville International Zone and would be a symbolic representation of the various regions and continents of the world. He later added that, these development plans are being structured with the help of volunteers from India and African student community of Architecture background.

This meeting and interview has convinced me to suggest this International Zone be viewed as an union of a mini world, where various delegates, volunteers of Auroville and other guests and visitors experience the atmosphere of the world cultures at one place, therefore can be regarded as “ An Umbrella of myriad cultures “.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2016

Mother's Q&A – July 27, 1955 Pt 1

July 27, 1955
The First Part

In this class, in her answer to some of the questions, Mother explains how to concentrate the consciousness in different parts of the being. She speaks of the two particular places to concentrate the consciousness for doing Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga all the way through to transformation. These places are the location of the Psychic Being in the heart and the location of the peace, light and wideness of the Self above the head. The original French tape recording of the class will follow the English reading, so people can let the program go right into Mother’s teaching and hear how she gives this information.

Matrimandir Book Release

On Saturday, the 20th of December, a varied set of people gathered at Citadines to celebrate the launch of the book on Matrimandir, featuring photographs by Dominique Darr who has seen the Matrimandir evolve right from its days of foundation to the final glory of completion.
The interviews feature Parthiv Shah, a photographer from Delhi involved with the design process of the book; Max, a new member of the AVI visiting the gallery; Ravindra, who’s been welcoming people at the Matrimandir since a while; Francine, a photographer and close friend of Dominique; Fredrick, who has been in Auroville since before its foundation and was a close associate of Roger Anger and Devasmita Patnayak, a part of AVI France, who laid the building stones of Matrimandir as a child, and a friend of the author of the book.
These are just a few amongst the countless people who’s lives have been touched by the soul of the city, the Matrimandir and share their personal set of experiences and interactions with some of the prominent people such as the architect Roger Anger as well. Set amidst the beautiful ambience of the gallery; respecting the austerity and delicate nature of the book, many people were seen sporting white gloves as they turned the pages of the book that unraveled the mystical creation called Matrimandir.
It was an occasion of triumph, of merriment, as the people of Auroville paid a tribute to Mother’s beautiful symbol, her aspiration, her last gift to Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Dec 2014