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A Conversation with Denoh and D

In this interview, we talk with Denoh and D who are both artists from the United States, While, Denoh left on the day of the interview promising to return, D remains in Auroville. This interesting interview covers a range of topics. The two discuss what compelled them to travel to Auroville and their art and spirituality in relation to it. Furthermore, the two discuss the current polarizing political climate in America, and what it means to be at a distance from it as individuals from a minority group.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jul 2017

GM on Entry Process

A General Meeting was called by the Entry Serice Group in Collabration with ETG, for residents of Auroville. The agenda of the meeting was to revisit the new Entry Service Process to invite new comers to Auroville. A concern was raised recently when 60+ Aurovillians signed and submitted a petition to halt the new Entry Service Process, as they realise, its going too fast and were concerned about the future repercussions of encouraging a process without a thorough set of guidelines, which everyone in the meeting agreed, were not complete.
The Entry Service Group & ETG, on their part made presentations of all the facts and figures and were encouraging a dialogue which could lead to a mutual, practical solutions. The tension in the room was abnormally high, doubts were raised regarding the data provided by both the committees and several outburst were staged regarding the implementation of the process being approved by the RAS, earlier this year. The ETG has openly invited the residents of Auroville to come forward and participate in ratification of process, if so is required. The meeting ended on an abrupt note and general consensus that all the groups along with the residents need to do solid ground work, before moving forward in any direction.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Dec 2016

Welcome Talk for New Comers

Noel Parent presents a very welcoming talk for potential new comers and Aurovillians.

Newly proposed Entry Policy – GM

This is the recording of the General Meeting on the newly proposed Entry Policy.

From the Auroville Council:

Dear community members,
We have received some feedback from some members in the community that they did not receive the
massmail from RAS with the possibility of giving feedback. They have over 1500 people in their list already and are looking into why some have been missed out. Kindly write to to add yourself into the mailing list for the future.

In addition to the RAS massmail, the Auroville Council made an announcement in the N&N and Auronet 3 weeks ago with the documents of the new Entry Policy requesting feedback directly to the We had also said that if you are not a computer user, our secretary will print a copy out for you.

If, despite our efforts, you have somehow missed out on reading this new policy, you can access it here:

We take this opportunity to warmly welcome everyone to the GM this afternoon at 4:30 pm in Unity Pavilion on the same topic. Dinner afterward at Le Zephyr!

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