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Agricultural Awareness Campaign

‘What is the worlds biggest pest? Its the human being’ Njal, who has lived in Auroville for 22 years, is trying to create environmental awareness and is fighting the chemical treatment of Cashew plants inside and around Auroville.
Njal, der seit ber 22 Jahren in Auroville lebt, will aufklren. Mit seiner Awareness Campaign versucht er, die Zusammenhnge von Krankheiten und den chemischen Pestiziden aufzudecken und die Dorfbewohner zu berzeugen, dass natrliche Mittel gesnder, effektiver und besser fr Natur, Mensch und Tiere sind.

Programme in English and German (22′).

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Mar 2012

Njal, Environmental Activist

The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants which started in Geneva at the beginning of the week is about to end. Decisions regarding the Endosulfan pesticide ban are still pending. Njal, who has been raising awareness regarding Endosulfan’s impact on the environment and health in Auroville/bio-region, revealed the arguments from the side of the chemical industries. Plus how it’s difficult for farmers to understand the impact of Endosulfan. Njal hopes the 1000 signatures he gathered for the petition (sent to Geneva) against Endosulfan will result in a change for the best.

Njal also speaks of a recent event that warmed his heart: farmers have just bought all the”Limonool”, a natural alternative to chemical pesticides. A drop in the sea or a true shift in mind? Although it is hard to tell, at least at this time, awareness awakens.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Apr 2011
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