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Mother's Q&A – June 20, 1956

Mother’s Questions And Answers, June 20, 1956

Mother speaks on many different subjects, including love, joy, pleasure, inner delight,and the mixture of the vital impulse and pure emotion in the heart. She answers many questions asked directly in the class and also written on pieces of paper and read out to her.

Mother's Q & A – 13/6/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers – June 13, 1956

Mother says that now that the supermind has descended into the earth plane, one can expect all possibilities. Since the supermind contains everything, the transformation, and everything that is done to achieve it can be whatever the supermind wants, and is no longer limited by the processes which existed before its manifestation. Since each one is different, the supramental consciousness adapts to all of the innumerable differences that exist in humanity. Each one will be automatically changed, depending on the totality of consecration and sincerity of aspiration. Mother speaks in detail about the need for children to develop their brains during their school years, and she explains the true work of the teachers.

Mother's Questions & Answers

Mother’s Questions and Answers, January 4, 1956, Part 1

We start Mother’s classes in the year 1956, the year of the very first manifestation on earth of the new consciousness, the supramental consciousness. Mother says each person limits their conception of the Divine to be what they want the Divine to be and she explains how to have a more integral idea of the divine. Each person progresses as they realize what they need to leave behind. It is not possible to judge. The original tape recording of Mother’s class will play after the English translation..

Mother's Q & A –

Mother’s Questions and Answers, December 28, 1955

Mother speaks about two main things that people have within them which give the most preparation for spiritual progress. They are two things which we are born with that are turned to our soul, our Psychic Being, and receiving its influence in daily life. It is our intermediary between our psychic consciousness and our daily consciousness. She also speaks about the presence of aspiration for the Divine in the worst of beings. Then she explains that all of the planes of our being are in continual progress in our life except our physical being because of its very nature, but she indicates that there is the possibility of progress in the physical plane also.

Mother's Q & A – 14/12/1955

Mother’s Questions & Answers, December 14, 1955

Mother defines our universal being. Then she speaks about three stages of development in human progress as victories to be won; first we have to create our own individuality, second we have to consecrate all that we have become to the Divine, and third, the Divine has to take possession and be all that we are and all that we do. These stages must be achieved in order. Then Mother asks; why should one not feel the divine Presence constantly? Once one has experienced it and knows it is there, why should one lose it or forget it?

Mother's Q & A – 16/11/55

Mother’s Questions & Answers, November 16, 1955, Part 2

Mother explains the role our past evolution and the role of our present nature in the practice of yoga to someone who wants to find out what prevents him from progressing. She says that our individual soul, our Psychic Being, makes the choices which decides the conditions of each of our births so that we can have the experiences we need. The life of the Psychic Being is made up of successive experiences in successive physical existences. Each time it creates the person and chooses the birth conditions for the sake of evolution and progress. Each individual is a special manifestation in the universe, therefore his or her true path must be an absolutely unique path. We have the original recording of the second half of this class. It will come on after the English reading.

Mother's Q & A – 19 Oct 1955 Pt 1

Mother’s Questions and Answers, October 19, 1955, Part 1

From the last time, when Mother took us into the past for the development of Mental Man and then into the future for the development of Supramental Man, we are now brought into our own present, for our own development. Mother speaks about the regular rhythm of the movements of each thing in time, and how we can use them to help with our own spiritual progress. She also tells a child what the “Lotus of Knowlege and Perfection” is. This week we have the original French recording of the class where Mother is so kindly and lovingly and patiently teaching the children.

Mother's Q & A – 21 Sept 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers,
September 21, 1955

Mother speaks about the increasing commercial mentality in the world, and how the world is ill. She explains about the production of cheap books on many subjects, including literature. She explains that the level of the arts is degraded and that the level of what is printed in books is lowered so that more people will buy them. She explains about the necessity for children to have an integral progress in order to develop fully so that their spiritual ascent will be better. This week we have the original French tape recording of Mother’s class, and this particular recording is very special because, for the first time, we have the recording of Mother reading the material before the questions and answers start.

Mother’s Q&A – September 7, 1955

Mother’s Questions And Answers, September 7, 1955

Mother explains the necessity of work for full spiritual progress and what happens when we only spend our time sitting in meditation. She explains what the Buddha did and what kind of an Avatar he was. Then she speaks about obstacles to our progress and more about perversion in the modern world.
This week we have the original French recording which will play after the English reading.

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Mother's Q&A – Aug 24, 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers, August 24, 1955

This week there are many different questions on several subjects which are not related to each other. In answer to some of the questions, Mother continues to speak about meditation and concentration. In answer to the first question she explains about looking at her photograph and what it can do, This week, again, we don’t have the original French tape recording of the class because they had to erase it and use it for the next class after it was transcribed.

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