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Synthesis of Yoga

Sri Aurobindo: the Synthesis of Yoga, Part One the Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 8 The Supreme Will continuing on page 213 until the end of this chapter on page 221.

Sri Aurobindo points out that the way and end of Karmayoga is the total surrender of all our actions to a supreme and universal Will, which will replace the ordinary working of the ego-nature. We get to be reminded of this truth, over and over, in many ways, in ways that anyone and everyone can grasp.

He explains minutely who Is Purusha (Soul or consciousness that is the lord, witness, knower, enjoyer, upholder and source of sanction for the work of Prakriti) and who is Prakriti, Nature-Force (the doer, the supporting consciousness). These are separate powers. And of the One-in-all, Ishwara-Shakti, the Lord, the Supreme, of whom the soul is a portion, a being of that Being and a power of the Power.

Mother's Q & A – 15/2/56

Mother’s Questions & Answers, February 15, 1956

Mother speaks of the teachings of the Bhavagad Gita and the part of the spiritual guidance in the Gita which is not the truth. She explains why people follow it. She also explains the difference between human consciousness and animal consciousness. Mother says there are countless people in the world who may be convinced of the truth of a teaching but are not capable of realizing it, and she also says that it does not depend so much on the path one follows; it depends on the capacity one has.

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