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Wild Diversity of the Guayanas

Guayanas – a big chunk of the planet at the Northeastern tip of South America, and if we rarely hear about these places, it is mainly because very few people live there – Suriname with population of 500 000, and French Guyana only 200 000.
The people who live in the Guayanas are mix from all over the world, and consequently all this cultural deliciousness means that local music consumption is wildly diverse.
We are featuring some of the home grown stuff as well kaseko, kawinka, aleke and bigi pokoe, along with local reggae musicians….
Nomadic Massive – Higher
Neg Chante – Vox Sambour ft Diegal and Waahu-Mama Sranan – Wan Ma Aisa
A Sa Go – Apuku Gado No Mang Mering
Bose Krioro – Laat Haters Haten
Kayente – An’Djuka Uma
Kaseko Masters – lingo
Jongoe Bala – Patamacca
Sukru Sani – Ma Maisa
Samurai G Viety Guys Tampu Teke
Boogie & The Exmo Stars – Tingilen
Conjunto Latinos – Kaka Fowru
Don Omar – Guaya Guaya
La Medicina – Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman Nou Ni
Prince Koloni Judgement
Fantan Mojah Rasta Got Soul
Nomadic Massive – Duty

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Apr 2017

Orchestra Baobab

Life in Senegal has a soundtrack, and the Senegalese sound unmistakably has a Latin vibe. By tracing the bloodlines of slavery, arching from Gorée Island off the coast of Senegal, to North America, South America and the Caribbean, it is possible to begin to understand the long history in the relationship between Senegalese and Cuban music. Where people go, culture follows and where there is culture, there is the song that carries the story of its people.
Music in Senegal, with its strong structure of Latin flavor, continues to evolve with new musicians joining the international circuit every year.
Despite the differences in cultures, the music should feel like home to you. It’s the sadness, happiness, hopes and dreams that are a part of every human, a sense of longing and belonging that traveled throughout history and has become the sound of almost everything you hear on the radio and television. Orchestra Baobab is that sound directly from its source, a musical melting pot with the organic ingredients providing an undeniable flavor.
We are featuring in the beginning two songs from album to be released on 31st of March 2017 Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng….continuing with their early years…. Pirates Choice, Specialist in All Styles , Made in Dakar …


Orchestra Baobab – Foulo
Orchestra Baobab – Fayinkounko
Orchestra Baobab – Utru Horas
Orchestra Baobab – Coumba
Orchestra Baobab – Aduna Jarul Naawo – N’Wolof
Orchestra Baobab – Ndeleng Ndeleng
Orchestre Baobab-Gouygui de Dakar – Sibam
Orchestra Baobab – On Verra Ca
Orchestra Baobab – Ngalam
Orchestra Baobab – Jiin Ma Jiin Ma
Orchestra Baobab – Ndiaga Niaw
Orchestra Baobab – Pape Ndiaye
Orchestra Baobab – Nijaay

50 years and Spouge

Following the establishment of the first English settlement at Holetown in 1627, Barbados remained a British colony for more than 300 years. Its independence on November 30, 1966 was marked by the raising of the Barbados national flag and playing the new national anthem for the first time

In Bajan culture music plays a vital role. From those early days of independence we picked up spouge as it is developed, melted in its own style, and you will hear in the first half of this musical edition. Slowly spouge will transcend into calypso and soca with songs from Crop Over of different years…

Spouge as a style of Barbadian popular music was created by Jackie Opel in the 1960s. It is primarily a fusion of Jamaican ska with Trinidadian calypso, but is also influenced by a wide variety of musics from the British Isles and United States, include sea shanties, hymns and spirituals. Spouge instrumentation originally consisted of cowbell, bass guitar, trap set and various other electronic and percussion instruments, later augmented by saxophone, trombone and trumpets.[1] Of these, the cowbell and the guitar are widely seen as the most integral part of the instrumentation, and are said to reflect the African origin of much of Barbadian music.

Can’t Keep a Good Man Down – The Draytons Two
Tighten Up – Draytons Two
Too Late – Draytons Two
Sweet Spouge Music – Blue Rhythm Combo
Jackie Opel – you’re too bad
Seaman and the Tuk Band
Sixpence – The Escorts
The Blue Rhythm Combo — Black Water Gold
Let True Love Begin – The Dukes of Barbados
Every Time She Pass (The Standpipe Song) – Sing Out Barbados
DaCosta Allamby Endorse De Cou Cou
Flatbush – monkey
woop wham
Mighty Gabby – Doctor Cassandra
Mighty Liar – Sweet Soca Music
Prince Buster – Enjoy Yourself
Peter Ram – Good Morning
Not Missing Me-Edwin Yearwood ft. Krosfyah(
Olatunji – Oh Yay
King Bubba – Calling In Sick
Madd- Pick it Up

Soca, Soca

Crop Over (formerly called “Harvest Home”) is a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, having had its early beginnings on the sugar cane plantations during the colonial period. The crop over tradition began in 1688, and featured singing, dancing and accompaniment by bottles filled with water, shak-shak, banjo, triangle, fiddle, guitar, and bones. Other traditions included climbing a greased pole, feasting and drinking competitions. Originally a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest, it has since evolved into Barbados’ biggest national festival similar to Carnival in Brazil and Trinidad.

However Cropover with Soca is celebrated all over West Indies .
Today we are featuring some of the latest Soca songs of Barbados, Trinadad, St. Vincent Grenada……

One Wine – Machel Montano & Sean Paul ft. Major Lazer
Destra – Soca Virus
Valene Nedd – In My Dreams
Teddyson John – Allez
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Roberts – Unforgettable
Porgie & Murda – Dah Ain Bad
King Bubba FM – Mashup When Ah Touchdown
Olatunji – Ah Bacchanal (Zuk Bounce Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous – Its The Weekend
Stiffy – Balance Pun It
Preedy – Turn Up
Dale Ryan – Find Meh (
Come Back – Machel Montano & Destra
Bunji Garlin – Way Up
Lil Rick – Gym Instructor
Grynner – Turn On De Speaker
Farmer Nappy – BamBilam BamBilam BilamBam
Shradah – Cyah Stop Meh
Red Plastic Bag ~ I LOVE IT

Black Peru

In this musical program we are touching the music of Black Peru, and the cultural identity in the Black Pacific
The “Black Pacific” is a term coined by ethnomusicologist Heidi Carolyn Feldman. She describes the circumstance of African descendants displaced not only from their ancestral homes in Africa, but also from the Atlantic coast nations where their enslaved ancestors were originally brought. The sonically vibrant realm of Afro-Peruvian music, a young genre identification that has flourished since the 1950s and has produced artists of international renown, such as singer Susana Baca, and the black folkloric company Peru Negro. The music is sensuous and deeply beautiful, and represents a fascinating and little understood history.


Mamaye – Novalima
Ritmos Negros – Novalima
Payande – Peru Negro (canta Lucila Campos)
Jamas impediras – Lucha Reyes
Inocente Amor – Alicia Maguina
Plena Y Bomba -Susana Baca
Contigo Peru – Arturo Zambo Cavero feat. Oscar Aviles
Marinera y resbalosa – Nicomedes Santa Cruz
Los Gallinazos – Susana Baca
Hay que barrer – Victoria Santa Cruz
Ritmos Negros – Nicomedes Santa Cruz
El Que No Tiene De Inga, Tiene De Mandinga – Eva Ayllon &Peru Negro
Detras De La Puerta – Susana Baca
Toro Mata – Peru Negro
El Muñeco De La Ciudad – Eva Ayllon
Como Yo – Novalima
Macaco – Novalima

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Jul 2015

Urban Tao Ecocentric

As part of the Invocation of Bulgarian Pavilion, six actors of the Overground Arts Alliance with Stojan Radev shared with us the story of constant struggle of the modern urban "slave" who makes a choice on his evolutionary journey. Homo Novus starts on the path of darkness and destruction which slowly, trough modality of consciousness, embarks on a path of light and transformation. He understands that one cannot avoid darkness and destruction. At last, with the interaction of audience, his journey merges with the universal flow, finds harmony

Overgound Arts Alliance: The organization was initially established in Bulgaria in 1991 as a foundation for cultural development "All who Seek in All Paths". It offered a holistic approach in addressing environmental issues and raising public awareness on cultural identity in the epoch of globalisation. For the past five years the Alliance has produced and showcased over 30 workshops for creative, psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual development at the holistic Qi-Yo Holistic Center in New York , has participated and lectured in yoga, contemporary art trends, dance theatre and esotericism in New York.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Mar 2012

Together We Are United

The most interesting to Mr. Shimelis Adugna is the Auroville approach and active way on how to make this planet a better place to live in for all of us, as he emphasized to go back to truth,to our inner strength, and to work on these to work together. He sees hope as a moving agent to create reality from the dreams and vision as the Mother envisioned. To him, and so many of us, this world has to be the world of sharing. Auroville could do better when it comes to the awareness of the Mother’s vision in Africa, by going there and sharing these dreams.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Nov 2010
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