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VOX POP on Summer

We, Yona and Leela, are two Future School students who came to do their first week of volunteering in the AV Radio. We learned to make play lists, edit recordings and for the day before our last we went to two schools in order to ask a couple people the same questions about a hot topic in Auroville at the moment, SUMMER!
No one can escape the heat, not even with the latest rains (which we are all extremely grateful) so we decided that instead of trying to forget about or ignore the weather, we will bring it up and see what people have to say.

Clouds and Sacred Groves

Shanks has visited us in the studio and shared with us an invitation to a Noages – Clouds , a jazz concert along with Matt, Holger, Suresh and Rolf on Wednesday 27th at 8.30pm at Le Zephry at Visitors Centre.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 24th at 8.30pm at Unity Pavilion NUPURA BAAJE, tinking anklets by Madhumita and Devasmita PATNAK – on the occasion fo Darshan they wish to share with us the beauty, grace, harmony and joy of Odissi.

The universe is not merely a mathematical formula for working out the relation of certain mental abstractions called numbers and principles to arrive in the end at a zero or a void unit, neither is it merely a physical operation embodying a certain equation of forces. It is the delight of a Self-lover, the play of a Child, the endless
self-multiplication of a Poet intoxicated with the rapture of His own power of endless creation.
Sri Aurobindo

Voting Time, Mime, Music

MIME ACTS at the , Dreamers Cafe, Visitors Centre – The Foool Flies and Butterflies – introducing the Mime Menu 1st 4-7pm, 2nd 4-7pm, 3rd 10-2pm

Saturday, 2nd of April at 8pm at SAWCHU (Bharat Nivas) THE GREAT EVENT Celebrating the occasion of the descent of the Supermind on the 29th of February 1956Its fifteenth anniversary being in 2016.Gratitude at the Lotus feet of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.A Musical offering by the Ashram music group(Lakshmi, Ela, Aloka, Uttam, Bryce, Gowrishankar, Tapan, Deeps

Saturday, 2nd at 4.30pm at Nandanam Kindergarten SAIIER will launch children’s book THE VOYAGE OF THE CATERPILLAR written and illustrated by Jyoti Khare.

On Saturday 2nd of Arpil at MMC Berengere – ayurvedic doctor will share with the community presentation on How to pass the Summer with the help of Ayurveda

Whatever comes to you, if you take it in the right spirit., will turn for the best.
The Mother

Off the Cuff-25

Today is Darshan day of Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry (24 April 1920).
We also discuss the impending summer departures of Aurovilians and our own Andrea, the need for a comprehensive Water Management plan and the lack thereof, a recent Deer sighting and the rumored leopard sighting as well as other information of vital importance that serves no purpose.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Apr 2015

Summer Schedule

Our team of Auroville Radio would like to inform you that for the summer our news will be published only three times per week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but if any of you would like share anything with us, you are welcome to contact us on 262 3331 or pass by the radio. Auroville Town Development Council have invited the Frontiers Polymers Pvt Ltd on May 2, 2012 at 2 pm at the office of Auroville Town Development Council, Town Hall, to describe their line of products, mainly the movable speed breakers made of recycled natural rubber.

It is not by mental activity that you can quiet your mind, it is from a higher or deeper level that you can receive the help you need. And both can be reached in silence only. – The Words of The Mother, Vol. 12

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