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A Dream Comes True

At MMC in Town Hall we had a chance to hear whole hearten genuine presentation( even might not be technically perfect) by Asia and Yam on their adventure to the place in South Africa where are white lions.
12 Auroville Lion Hearted kids participated in OUR (One United Roar for Lions and Nature), and Asia and Yam were among those 12 of the world who won the talent challenge, and been rewarded with a trip to South Africa.
We saw both winning video and some short clips from their adventure with power point presentation.

The whole thing started about 6 months back when Aikya has returned from South Africa with the book ‘The mystery of the White Lions’ by Linda Tucker and message on white lions, and importance of their preservation … and with the information on talent challenge One United Roar for Lions and Nature

Cats Tuning, United Roar

Friday 21 April, 4.00 – 6.30 pm at Unity Pavilion Closing session of ‘Create Auroville Together ‘(CATCAT14 feel the resonance, the heartbeat of unity in diversity in action Cats TUNING TOGETHER with the guidance of the Russian Singing Bells .

The informational General Meeting on guidelines, rules and regulations for Auroville Learning Activities (Alas) will be held in the Unity Pavilion on Saturday, 29th April, from 10am to 12pm.

Monday, April 24 at 4.30pm at Unity PavilionGeneral Meeting to Discuss Proposed TDC/L’Avenir Restructure. This meeting will be followed by a Residents’ Assembly Decision-making Process on the proposal running May 13 – June 10.

On Tuesday 24th of April at 5.30am meditation on Mother’s final arrival day In the Matrimandir Amphitheatre.

On Saturday 22nd at 210am at MMC in Town Hall TLC invite us to One United Roar fro Lions and Nature – a power point presentation by Asia and Yam, who were placed among winners of talent challenge.
on following links you can hear the story of White Lions of South Africa

On Saturday 22nd between 10am to 4pm Upasana will celebrate Earth Day with their 10th anniversary of Small Steps with invitation to paint your message to the Mother Earth on Small Steps bag.

O Thou who art the sole reality of our being, O sublime Master of love. Redeemer of life, let me have no longer any other consciousness than of Thee at every instant and in each being.
The Mother

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