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How can we restructure the TDC ?

Presentation by the core group, selected to come up with ‘Terms of Reference’ which will further enable the Auroville Council, and the community on the whole in fulfilling this daunting task of re-structuring the Town Planning & Development Council (TDC). Last year, the Auroville council was asked to facilitate a process to restructure the TDC, the core group working on this comprised of Martin, Sauro, Pashi, Shama, Suhasini, Mamta, Elvira, Lionel and Christiane. The presentation was fully loaded with useful content and consist of guidelines through which restructuring of TDC could be accomplished. The depth of the content and the importance of this procedure saw the meeting going into overtime with only a few people ready to leave this discussion midway. A lot of healthy debate and constructive insights were offered by the members of the community attending the presentation. The group had invited a special artist to create infographics ( to help break down the heavy content and had created many posters and charts to help envision the key points in reference and the overall presentation was concise. But a point noted by Sauro was, “in the meeting too much time was used in discussing the organization and selection process rather than the content” but maybe that underscores the people’s intimate involvement and keen sense for details for restructuring of one of our most important working group, which will directly be responsible in shaping our future in Auroville.

To download the PDF presentation click here

Comments: 1 Date: 19 Mar 2017

Open House of FS, Mime

Tuesday November 29th at 4.30 pm at the Unity Pavilion Invitation for a General Meeting to interact with the Working Committee

RAS informs us that ITDC presentation GM postponed till Tuesday 6th of December

The Working Committee and the Auroville Council have discussed the best way for the Community to evaluate how Auroville can be protected from developments in contradiction to the Auroville Master Plan.
The Working Committee, the Auroville Council and the TDC invite all members of the Residents’ Assembly interested in land protection to join a series of workshops in order to get updated on the latest progress made, debate and decide on the need for a legal protection for Auroville land, and elaborate the way forward. – Saturdays 10th, Sunday 11th and Saturday 7th of January 2017 at UP.

CAT 3 on Thursday 8th December 2016 on “The Auroville Charter”

Future School Open House on Friday 2nd from 10am to 12.30pm

Mime Performance on Friday 2nd at Deepanam School at 6.30pm

Consciousness is a reality inherent in existence. It is there even when it is not active on the surface, but silent and immobile; it is there even when it is invisible on the surface, not reacting on outward things or sensible to them, but withdrawn and either active or inactive within; it is there even when it seems to us to be quite absent and the being to our view unconscious and inanimate.
Vol 22 page 234

Once Upon….GM, GM, GM

on 24th, 25th, 26th on November at 8pm at Sri Aurobindo’s Auditorium , Bharat Nivas The Auroville Theatre Group presents ONCE UPON A RIVER(a wet and wild comedy)by Vinu Karthick

The Working Committee invites to a general meeting on Tuesday November 29th at 4.30 pm at the Unity Pavilion to interact with the Working Committee.

On Thursday 1st of December RAS and iTDC invite us to a General Meeting with the topic:
ITDC presentation on the projects
eventually coming up in the near future

The Auroville Council invites us to attend a general meeting on Friday 9th December at 4 pm in Unity Pavilion to listen and answer to all remaining questions on the Appeal Process.

On Friday 25th from 7pm onward we are invited to come to Kailash Youth Residency for a fundraising evening.

I am concerned with the earth, not with worlds beyond for their own sake; it is a terrestrial realisation that I seek and not a flight to distant summits. All other yoga regard this life as an illusion or a passing phase; the supramental yoga alone regards it as a thing created by the Divine for a progressive manifestation and takes the fulfillment of the life and the body for its object.
Sri Aurobindo

Restructuring TDC

Following is the recording of the General meeting on the restructuring of TDC

Upgraded, Fresh

Dear listeneres!
After a bit more than two weeks of our upgrading work, we are back in full functional mode.
We would like to thank all our donors to make it possible!
Thanks to Ricardo and his team for audio upgrade, Carlos and his team for fresh coat of paint, Blue Light – Daniel and Kirthik for technical support, Acur Team – Venkatesh, and Lalita with cleaning ladies for final touches!

L’avenir d’Auroville/TDC shares with the community the Green Belt Master Plan and Land Use Plan for our perusal. For feedback, please comment send an email to

Auroville Council put on a display and for comments leaving allowance policy. They publish this revised version for our perusal and feedback, which should be send to to on or before 25th of June 2016.

From Solitude Farm comes and interesting invitation to the Allotments To Grow Your Own Localicious Food!! Check it out on Saturdays at 11.30am at Solitude Farm.

Quarrels and clashes are a proof of the absence of the yogic poise and those who seriously wish
to do yoga must learn to grow out of these things.
Sri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga,

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Jun 2016

Planning Workshop (2 days)

Auroville value-based Town Planning and Development Workshop took place on 30th of April and 1st of May, from, 8:30 am to 5 pm
The workshop marks the 1st phase and is meant to build up energy, align our vision and values and prepare the ground for a further participatory process which includes the whole community. “Auroville is conceived as an urban experiment that would address the work of the ‘evolution of consciousness’: a spiritual way of life while dealing with challenges posed by the economic, sociological and cultural factors of the region.” (The Mother, 1970)
Workshop Objectives:

1. To generate a shared vision for planning as a true base for collaboration and initiating a participatory process for emerging from values into action

2. To find agreement around key issues with regard to Town Planning and Development in Auroville and how we can work together with integral vision and inclusiveness towards their realization.

3. To identify levels and stages of participation to put in place a process of a larger community participation in order to encourage and gather community input to Auroville planning.

4. By November, create a strong, vibrant and collaborative l’Avenir d’Auroville with an integral approach which takes into account all the facets of Auroville’s ideals and development, working together, transcending opinions and positions.

GM on Kalpana 15th

Friday, 15th of April at 4.30 General Meeting on Kalpana with the Town Development Council (TDC), the Funds and Asset Management Committee (FAMC) and the Project Holders.

Friday, 15th at 2.30pm at Life Education Centre (LEC)YEN KALVI – My Education. Dr. Jayakumar, Professor and coordinator of career placement cell in Pondicherry University will present the information and answer questions from students and parents.

Saturday, 16th of April at 3pm at Unity Pavilion General Meeting on CIRHU.

Saturday April 16th 2 pm to 4 pm NIRMITI Project LAND-ART in Botanical Gardens

Sunday 17th of April at 5pm at Certitude Sports Ground TEN KILOMETERS BAREFOOT RUN IN THE AUROVILLE FOREST…where you can at the same time fund raise for our land by LAFU and Green Acres.

An uncompromising sincerity is the surest way to spiritual achievement.
Do not pretend -b be.
Do not promise – act.
Do not dream –
The Words of The Mother , Vol 14

Info on Restructuring of TDC

Following is a recording of informational meeting on proposed (by Working Committee) restructuring of TDC / L’Avenir d’Auroville . It was an opportunity for clarification and questions.

Way Forward, Happy RD

Featuring Inge, from RAS inviting us to an unique “workshop” tomorrow from 10am at Unity Pavilion with the title Way Froward….

Tuesday January 26th, 2.30 pm at Annapurna FarmFood for Thought – Part 2: Farming in Auroville. Departure from Solar Kitchen at 2pm.

Wednesday, January 27th at 4.30pm at SAIIER Conference Hall, 2nd floor Town Development Council (TDC) and L’Avenir present – Sustainable Waste Water Management for the Residential Zone .

January 27th at 3pm pm at Unity Pavilion – Moving Beyond Carbon Offsetting: Local Solutions to Global Warming whereby the Community is the missing ingredient in responding to global warming

Thursday January 28th at 5 pm in Pavilion of Tibetan Culture The true Stories of Volunteers on ? social work in Auroville with Melanie Le Febvre , Laura Haslett and Tanvi Gupta

Achieving personal freedom means liberating ourselves from the parasite of knowledge. Change one thing–one idea, one habit–and the frontiers open.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Detailed Plan of Residential Zone

Yesterday afternoon at SAIIER conference room Spanish architect Lusi Feduchi presented again – this time compiled and revised with feedback from Auroville architects – his Detailed Development Plan for Residential Zone 1 and 2.

This Interactive event was meant for all interested parties – residents to be more informed about the plan in order to approve it. Detailed plans will be available at Town Hall for public viewing
Common feeling of residents was that architects are not familiar with ground reality of the area.

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