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Photographer:Lana | Tahnka You Celebration Thursday 3rd at 5.30pm at UP Photographer:Lana | Capoeria workshop on Saturday 5th Photographer:Lana | Restoring connections Photographer:Lana | mosnoon rain Photographer:Lana | mosnoon rain

Thank You and New Memebers

Program by :

On Thursday, November 3rd at Unity Pavilion at 5.30pm RAS invites the community to a Thank You Celebration for the outgoing members and the Welcoming for the 14 new members of our Participatory Working Groups

Today from 6 to 7 pm at Joy Community Guest House Talk on Ayurveda and its connection with the Vedas and Vedanta by Pavan

On Wednesday, November 2nd at 5 pm at Bhavishyate (New Building between Auditorium & Kalakendra) Presentation, Talk & Slide Show by Auroville& Pondy Artists by 12 artists on their recent experience at an Art Camp(Hosted by the JSW Foundation, at Vidyanagar, Karnataka)”Rendez-vous with Vidyanagar”Inner space Outer space – A Ceramic & Sculpture Conclave

The soul takes birth each time, and each time a mind, life and body are formed out of the materials of universal Nature according to the soul’s past evolution and its need for the future.
Sri Aurobindo

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31 Oct / 2016

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Tahnka You Celebration Thursday 3rd at 5.30pm at UP
Capoeria workshop on Saturday 5th
Restoring connections
mosnoon rain
mosnoon rain