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Photographer:Nasim | Prof. Edwin Zappe Photographer:Nasim | Unity Pavilion with the exhibition on Transformation Photographer:Nasim | Edwin with audience trough art objects Photographer:Nasim | Peace Table Photographer:Nasim | The Fascination of Words Photographer:Nasim | The Fascination of Words with Transformation Photographer:Nasim | The Fascination of Words with Transformation

The Fascination of Words

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Starting with the first word fascination, and dwelling into many, which are commonly use in our daily lives when we’re talking on certain subjects-that was Prof. Edwin Zappe lecture on The Fascination of Words yesterday in Unity Pavilion in International Zone. Zappe’s lecture was fascinating to the audience, has took us to our thoughts reaching further, beyond the mental understanding of particular word. The new world has opened in front of our eyes.The joyful way of displaying the vast knowledge of Prof. Zappe has brought smiles on the faces


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