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Photographer:The Unstitute | Rod Hemsell Photographer:The | Natalia Pavlovskaya' s presentation Photographer:The Unstitute | Vladimir Yatsenko Photographer:The Unstitute | Ananata Giri's presentation Photographer:The Unstitute | Tong Schraa-Liu's presentation Photographer:The Unstitute | Matthew Rich-Tolsma Photographer:The Unstitute | Group discussions

The Integral Paradigm- Day 3

Program by :


Guest Presenters:

Natalia Pavlovskaya -Science and Sociology
Ananta Giri -Philosophy and Psychology
Arnab Chowdhury– Music and Poetry
Tong Schraa-Liu -Business and Society
Matthew Rich-Tolsma– Metatheory and Educational Praxis

Final day presentations of a seminar on the integration of senses, the faculties, the individual, universal, and transcendent Self; the approaches and disciplines of knowledge -seeing, hearing , speaking, thinking.
An exploration in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s interpretation of Upanishads and Vedas.

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11 Mar / 2016

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Rod Hemsell
Natalia Pavlovskaya' s presentation
Vladimir Yatsenko
Ananata Giri's presentation
Tong Schraa-Liu's presentation
Matthew Rich-Tolsma
Group discussions