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The Mother’s Week

Program by :

International Zone Events Subgroup would like to invite all who are interested in the development of the International Zone to kindly participate in birthday week visit from 21st to 27th of February. The intention with this program series is to support the awakening of the energy that is needed to manifest Mother’s dream and to flourish the International Zone.
Saturday at 4pm at Inusksuk the events will start with European festive ceremony where after an Invocation with Mother’s mantra sung by our African friends, soil from all over Europe will be mixed together and a tree planted to celebrate freedom, peace, and a joyful collaboration between Europe and the rest of the world.
21st Saturday at Cinema Paradiso at 4pm will be screening of Video on Integral Yoga which is a broad overview of psychology, cosmology and transformational practice of Integral Yoga – a psychological and spiritual methodology for evolutionary transformation of human nature developed by Sri Aurobindo. Direction: Manoj Pavitran – Animation: Hemant Shekhar – Music: Arnab B. Chaudhury –  Voice: Anuradha Majumdhar.

Blessings are a manifestation of the divine grace, in favour of an individual or a collectivity.
– The Mother

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