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Photographer:Sergio | Jesse on Djembe on the Beach Road Photographer:Poster performance | Poster 'The Pondy Street Show' Photographer:Sergio | Francosie and Ashaman Photographer:Sergio | Jermey Photographer:Sergio | children participating Photographer:Sergio | street art Photographer:Sergio | crowd on Gandhi Beach in Pondicherry

The Pondy Street Show

Program by :

On the 24th of May Auroville Art Service, Intach and the Tourist Department Pondicherry created an open space for artists on the Gandhi Tidal of Pondicherry. The plaza became a cozy place where old and young, from Pondicherry and further away, could enjoy Western and Indian music. The organizers want to create new creative bridges between Pondicherry and Auroville, stimulating artists to bring out new ideas and bringing people together.

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24 May / 2014

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Jesse on Djembe on the Beach Road
Poster 'The Pondy Street Show'
Francosie and Ashaman
children participating
street art
crowd on Gandhi Beach in Pondicherry