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Photographer:Tatjana  | Victoria, Shakti, Vera, Vera, Suresh Photographer:Tatjana  | Victoria<br />
Photographer:Tatjana  | Vera Photographer:Tatjana  | Shakti Photographer:AgniJata | Saraswati Photographer:Tatjana  | Vera, Vera Photographer:Tatjana  | Arseny

The Soul Flower

Program by :

Although the event of sharing Eastern Slavic Songs was not widely publicized Pitanga was too small for all who were eager to hear them. Beautiful voices of Shakti and Vera, accompanied by three guitars by Victoria, Shakti and Vera, Saraswati on Flute, and Suresh on drums pretty soon has taken the audience into the to vastness of far away places of Eastern Slavs. Either Ukrainian or Russian or Belarussian….folk songs sounded melodic, soft, with on the first glance simple lyrics but all of them full of infinite Passion for Life and Love.

Vocals:Shakti, VeraGuitar: Shakti, Vera, Victoria
Flute: Saraswati
MC: Arseny

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14 Dec / 2012

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Victoria, Shakti, Vera, Vera, Suresh
Victoria<br />
Vera, Vera