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Photographer:WEB courtesy | Kalamandalam Suresh Kaliyath Photographer:WEB courtesy | Kalamandalam Suresh Kaliyath

Thullal – Kalamandalam Suresh

Program by :

Among the classical performing arts of Kerala, Thullal is distinct with its simplicity of presentation and its frank, outspoken wit and humor. The Songs are in simple Malayalam and the techniques employed in this art are not rigid, though they are based on the classical principles of Naatya Saastra.
Kalamandalam Suresh Kaliyath hails from Thrissur, Kerala, is a Mechanical Engineer by Profession but a Performing Artist by choice. He is a graduate in Performing Arts [Thullal] from Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University for Art & Culture, Thrissur, Kerala and has a Diploma in Indian Arts from Nalanda Dance Research Centre, Mumbai.
Currently working as an Instructor & Performer at Adishakti Laboratory for Theater Art Research {ALTAR}, Puducherry,India.

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04 Sep / 2014

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Kalamandalam Suresh Kaliyath
Kalamandalam Suresh Kaliyath