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Photographer:Andrea | From left: Sam Terris (Miresh) vocals, Kannan special effects & Sharan on keyboard. Photographer:Andrea | Sam Terris and Larry Photographer:Andrea | Larry introducing the evening Photographer:Andrea | The Ensemble. Photographer:Patrick | On tabla Shiva Raman. Photographer:Patrick | Offering two Christmas songs.

Twiglight Beats: Devotional Songs

Program by :

Finally, last Saturday night the "Twilight Beats Concert" originally scheduled for November 16th but postponed due to weather conditions was held at Cripa (Kalabhumi). Four artists performed Raga Pushpanjali and Tamil devotional songs on Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The audience was been captivated by the warm voice of Sam Terris (Miresh) and the spiritual and joyful, deep and yet accessible music. Sam also offered two seasonal Christmas songs. At the end of the concert the public rewarded the musicians with a very long applause to show their appreciation.

Sam Terris was accompanied by Sharan on keyboard, Shiva Raman on tabla and Kannan for special effects.

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21 Dec / 2013

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From left: Sam Terris (Miresh) vocals, Kannan special effects & Sharan on keyboard.
Sam Terris and Larry
Larry introducing the evening
The Ensemble.
On tabla Shiva Raman.
Offering two Christmas songs.