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On Tuesday, 9th August at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion Working Committee invites us to a General Meeting – update, followed by a Q&A session.

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2016 -Unity Pavilion, AurovilleFriday 12th Aug: 16:00-18:0Exhibition OpeningYouthLink PresentationDiscussion & RefreshmentsSaturday 13th Aug: 14:00 – 20:00Food & Other StallsArt, Fun & ActivitiesPresentations & Performances

On Saturday 13th at 5pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Cuture Meditation with Peace Bells.

On Tursday 11th at 3.30pm at Town Hall second floor CIRHU – Aurovilian Conversations with Aloka on Body Consciousness .

Whatever work you do, do it as perfectly as you can.
That is the best service to the Divine in man.
The Mother

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