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Photographer:Frida | A chinese classical Photographer:Frida | The whole ensemble performed Step Dancing Photographer:Frida | Samantha an Brian improvised Charleston Photographer:Frida | The two musicians Bill and Livia Vanaver Photographer:Frida | An African Limbo dance Photographer:Frida | Finally, the audience got dancing lessons

US as an international nation

Program by :

North America has not only challenges but also much positive culture to offer. So promised Bill Vanavers for tuesday evening.
Well, not exactly only the USA. The company of two musicians and four dancers began with a performance of a classical Chinese song and dance about a princess who was locked into a tower and flee on a ray of the moon. Followed by a Jiddish song, a Kurdical modern dance, a Stepdance performance, The Charleston Wedding song of the dancers Samantha and Brian Lawton, continuing with the South African Limbo and John Lennon. The abilities of the company were astonishing widespread.
Finally, the dancers instructed the Audience in some dancing skills like how to dance the Swing. The presentation was part of their tour through India which they began in Rajasthan, while they are journeying around the world since more than four years. The concert was organized by the USA Cultural Pavilion and the International House.

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