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Photographer:Kees Van Boxtel | Kees with the Bansuri Photographer:John Lemon | Caroline and Kees Photographer:Kees Van Boxtel | Kees in the mountains Photographer:Justin Time | Kees in concert

Vishwasangeetham World Music

Program by :

Kees Van Boxtel is a world musician, composer and producer from Harlem, Amsterdam. He plays the saxaphone, silver flute and the Indian Bansuri. Kees also manages Birdtrack Studio in Harlem. In this he talks to Sharan about his lifelong musical adventures like riding the New wave and starting a band called Popoufka in the late 70s, experimenting with musical astrology and eventually evolving his own expression and style of unifying the different influences. Kees started a world music band called Shimayana in early 2008. — —–aIXIc — —

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01 Apr / 2013

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Kees with the Bansuri
Caroline and Kees
Kees in the mountains
Kees in concert