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10 Millions of Steps

SmallSteps is an initiative funded by Upasana design studio, against the use of plastic bags. The core philosophy at Upasana is to design for social development. Through small steps Upasana has given employment opportunity to more than 200 woman from villages in and around Auroville. These woman help in making cloth bags which are a good substitute to plastic. The USP of these bags are that they are compact and portable. By hooking them on to bags, belts, key rings, etc one is constantly reminded to say no to plastic.

The small steps bags are not retailed they are distributed by ambassadors who campaign for the cause and spread awareness in their cities. Small steps is not just about the bag but its more about the cause and the extensive conscious awareness campaign that follows. The agenda for the 2 day meet at Upasana Design Studio was for the ambassadors to meet the ladies who make these bags and for them to brainstorm ideas through which small-steps can achieve greater heights.