Photographer:Krupa | A collective art piece based on the Mother's symbol. Photographer:Krupa | The students and some teachers at LEC. Photographer:Krupa | The collective art piece in progress.

12 Qualities at LEC

Life Education Center (LEC) is an Auroville outreach school, providing vocational training and counseling to empower semi-educated girls from the nearby villages since 1991. In this interview, the students and some LEC teachers share personal reflections and experiences by each focusing on one of the qualities in the Mother’s symbol. Paralleled in a collective visual art piece, there is also a sample of the daily chanting at LEC at the end of the session. The following are the individual names and the qualities/aspects which they explored:

1) Ranjitha – Sincerity; 2) Priyanka – Humility; 3) Susheela – Gratitude; 4) Manjula – Perseverance; 5) Shivashankari – Aspiration; 6) Indrani – Receptivity; 7) Sridevi – Progress; 8) Krupa – Courage; 9) Devi – Goodness; 10) Rajalakshmi – Generosity; 11) Harini – Equality; 12) Shalini – Peace; 13) Mahasaraswati – Susmita; 14) Mahalakshmi – Harini; 15) Mahakali – Krupa; 16) Maheshwari – Susmita
Krupa, an art therapist working closely with several of the students, facilitated this interview, and Harini, executive of LEC, provided translations throughout from Tamil into English. Susmita teaches somatics/body awareness sessions to the girls, and Indrani is a former student who now handles the day-to-day maintenance at the center.

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