Photographer:Neha | Starting of the sharing session. Photographer:Neha | Cecilia talking about her journey. Photographer:Neha | People listening intently. Photographer:Neha | Kathy sharing her life . Photographer:Neha | Odissi performance Photographer:Neha | Bharatnatyam. Photographer:Neha | Worshiping the 'Devi'.
10 Mar / 2017Program by:
Featured: WomenLanguage: English

12 Women, Infinite stories..

On March 8th Unity Pavillion invited 12 women from different nationalities and different cultures to share their stories as a part of International Women’s Day celebration. They talked about love, fights, fears, insecurities, inspirations, and a lot more, shared their journeys, the struggles they had been through all of their lives, problems they faced being a woman and how they kept moving on in their lives with or without support. They expressed their views on feminism, gender equality, etc. In the two hours a million stories were told, all different but still one thing common in all of them and that is the high spirits women possess.
After the talk there were beautiful cultural dance performances (including, Odissi , Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, and contemporary), all were prayers to the ‘Devi’, not any physical being but the feminine side embedded in nature.
And this session of sharing ended with a fun pot luck dinner.