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23 Dec / 2010Program by:
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1st birthday and Youth Center

At Sadhana Forest Children’s Land is one year old, and for that occasion they’ve prepared a celebration and recycling festival. On it they want the community to participate and be creative. On Saturday 25th of December we are all invited to Unity Pavilion by the International Group to dive on “How to become aware of the Nation Soul at 2.30pm. Gumpa-A-Lumpa will surely bring smiles on faces of children, parents…with its activities and interactions. Music, games, cake competition…just to name few, and fun will go on up to Sunday night.

“For my consciousness the whole life upon earth, including the human life and all its mentality, is a mass of vibrations, mostly vibrations of falsehood, ignorance and disorder, in which are more and more at work vibrations of Truth and Harmony coming from the higher regions and pushing their way through the resistance.”The Mother
Life – a Mass of Vibrations In The Hidden Forces of the Life

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