Photographer:Marlenka | B's birthday
21 Nov / 2011Program by:
Language: English


The new Auroville Library opens Monday 28 November at 9 am. Parking is along the Ring Road, opposite the Library. Gratitude to former librarian Juergen, whose idea and vision it was to create the right Library for Auroville; without his dream, his relentless energy and push, there would be no new Library here today. Tomatis Programmes: available for both therapeutic purposes and language assimilation. The Tomatis Method addresses not just problems and disabilities, but enhances potential and creativity in its wide range of applications.

Excerpted from Mother’s Agenda, 1958 ‘….there is only one thing to do: the perfect surrender Sri Aurobindo speaks of, the total surrender to the divine Will whatever happens, even in the dark of night. One must cling to this will for surrender, cling as through a storm, and put everything into the hands of the Supreme Lord…..’

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