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Daily Archives: 2011/11/12

A gaping oversight – Overman

The aim of the Sri Aurobindo-Mother avatar was to establish the foundations of a new species beyond the human: superman. In The Supramental Manifestation (1949) Sri Aurobindo wrote that, for the superman to be incarnated on the Earth, an intermediary range of transitory beings would be necessary. The Mother called these beings surhommes, overmen. Moreover, she said explicitly that to realize the transitory beings in their presumably huge variety was our task. This talk given by Georges van Vrekhem at Savitri Bhavan on 12 November 2011 is the

sixth of the series of eleven talks.

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From plastic to food

Today’s news feature a very interesting section: Plastic Bag do you know the impact they cause? We have an interview with B, sharing with us his ideas and solutions to the garbage situation in Auroville. And the update on the visit of Lisa Pitman, social worker and vegan chef from Toronto, Canad. She conducted two events here in Auroville: the talk the healing Power of plants and the cooking demonstration: Eating without hitting. Her webpage:

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