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Daily Archives: 2012/05/07

About Books,

On Thursday at 4.30pm at SAWCHU the community is invited by L”Avenir Team to its Information & Sharing Meeting .On Firiday at 8.30pm at Verite Hall will be a simple gathering in silence In memory of Bhavana Today at 4.30 to 8.3opm Mohanam Cultural Center in (Sanjeevinagar) Invites us for a program of: Village life Story telling at Mohanam Cultural Center.
The Sanjeevi Nagar village celebrates its Brahmoursavam from 30.4 to 8.5. Brahmotsavam is a nine-day celebration for the Mother Goddess – Throwpathi Amman and finishes with walk trough fire

At every moment may our attitude be such that Thy divine Will may determine our choice and that thus it may be Thou who directest our entire life.The Mother

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The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

On the 5th of May N&N announced an open talk by Sraddhalu at SAWCHU, but the Working Committee canceled the talk about the controversy surrounding’ Peter Heehs book on Sri Aurobindo. Columbia University Press released it in 2008. Controversy followed. We talked with Loretta about the ban, about the book, about Peter Heehs, about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Mother said that "in peace and harmony the eternal manifests. The first thing that you have to base everything upon is harmony. When there is disharmony things don’t work."

‘What matters in a spiritual man’s life is not what he did or what he was outside to the view of the men of his time (that is what historicity or biography comes to, does it not?) but what he was and did within; it is only that that gives any value to his outer life at all. It is the inner life that gives to the outer any power it may have and the inner life of a spiritual man is something vast and full and, at least in the great figures, so crowded and teeming with significant things that no biographer or historian could ever hope to seize it all or tell it. I see that you have persisted in giving a biography is it really necessary or useful? The attempt is bound to be a failure, because neither you nor anyone else knows anything at all of my life; it has not been on the surface for men to see.’ SABCL, Vol 22 p. 428

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