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Daily Archives: 2015/01/30

Off the Cuff-14

Andrea, Renu and Wazo share: news of the radio studio, some on going events in Auroville and Renu continues plowing in the field of Auroville’s raison d’etre after observing increasing road side litter, and events that Auroville hosts- she wants to know more about what experiences the Auroville people may live or have. Wazo and Andrea consider Auroville a University of experimentation and discovery. The issue of Sludge waste and why we should be engaged responsible in finding workable solutions and the disharmony of groups.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2015

Savi Meeting on Volunteer program

Earlier in January the SAVI team that helps to coordinate volunteers and students in Auroville, took the initiative to invite the many project coordinators and interested parties to help share and improve issues concerning the volunteer programs in Auroville. The first part of the meeting was a presentation by Savi of the facts, the recording here is the second part following when the 4 teams broke up to work and are reporting on their findings. Here is a synopsis of the results
For more information please contact SAVI by email

Lionel explains graphs in English

Social Anthropologist Lionel Scheepmans worked on creating data for survey based on Aurovlle’s population which can be used according to the needs.
Here he explains some of the graphs in English.
More information on the work is available at the Wiki link provided.

Comments: 1 Date: 30 Jan 2015

Aromar Revi Interaction

On 18th of Juanary Aromar Revi had an interaction with the Auroville community regarding the Auroville Retreat happening on 12th and 13th of March 2015.
Below an extract of text posed on Auronet by the Residents Assembly Service (RAS).

Dear Residents of Auroville,
We are happy to update you on the preparations for the retreat planned in March 2015.

The Governing Board (GB) and the International Advisory Council (IAC) of the Auroville Foundation had proposed during their last meeting in August 2014 that a two-day retreat be organized in Auroville which would be an occasion for the Governing Board and the IAC to engage with Auroville residents on issues relating to the future development of Auroville.

When: 12th and 13th of March 2015

Where: Unity Pavilion (tentative location)

Main facilitator: Aromar Revi (Director, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, who has been closely associated with Auroville for many years), Assisting facilitators will be chosen from the Auroville community.

Participation: About 150 200 participants comprising members of the GB, the IAC and residents of Auroville including members of working and study groups.

Organisation: The conceptualisation and organisation of the Retreat thus far is an effort with the participation of the International Advisory Council (IAC: Vishakha N. Desai, Kabir Shaikh, Julian Lines), the Vision Task Force (VTF: Alain Bernard, Ameeta Mehra, Aster Patel, Hemant L., 
Sanjeev, Srinivasamurty and Toine), the Auroville Campus Initiative team (ACI: Lalit, Michael H, Min), the Residents Assembly Service (RAS: Inge) and a representative of the Working Committee.

Main objective: To reconnect and engage with the Auroville vision and its manifestation.

This will be done by: 
Reflecting on Mothers vision for Auroville;
Introspection and reflection on the spiritual growth of individuals and the collective; 
Examining the present realities of Auroville; 
Setting action plans for where Auroville wants to be on its 50th anniversary in 2018 and in 10 years.

The focus during the Retreat would be on the following aspects of Aurovilles development:

– Organisation (governance)
– Land and Town Planning & Development
– Population growth
– Education
– Economy.

See the full text here

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2015

The Vedic Gayatri Mantra

The University of Human Unity seminars, 2015, in Auroville opened with Nishta Muller speaking about the interpretation and usage of Gayatri Mantra.
This is the first talk in a series of seven sessions about the Vedic Gayatri Mantra in which he will contrast the usage of the Mantra in the Vedic times with the Sri Aurobindo’s Gayatri Mantra.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2015

The Philosophy of Consciousness

Rod Hemsell, as a part of the University of Human Unity seminar, talks on the Philosophy of Consciousness.
In this talk he questions what consciousness is and its evolution. This is the first of the seven sessions on consciousness to be held at Savitri Bhavan by the University of Human Unity.

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Jan 2015
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