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Daily Archives: 2015/06/05

Resource Mobilization Update

Gijs gives us an update on the new Resource Mobilization Team (Gijs, Taranti and Marieke). What they want to do, how they do it and who does what.
A service unit for fund-raising!

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Jun 2015

Off the Cuff -31

Wazo and Renu discuss; Health and Security. The importance of the Health Fund and how to get every Aurovillian covered? The enormous costs of ill health and the need to have comprehensive care with regular check-ups and insurance for all the members of our community. There has been a trend in growing acts of aggression by roaming riff-raff, how to stop these attacks and to find and fund what is needed to help reduce the problem.

Comments: 1 Date: 05 Jun 2015

Firewalk at Sanjeevinagar on 8th

Balu from Mohanam Foundation talks about the rapport the Centre has with the villages around Auroville and invites all, especially the youngsters within Auroville to witness the grand “Firewalk” ceremony with which the week long celebrations at the Draupadi Amman temple will come to a close on this Monday, the 8th of June.
So march off to Sanjeevinagar around 7 pm on the 8th and get awed.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Jun 2015
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