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Daily Archives: 2015/07/14

Angeli’s update on Youth Link

Angeli tells us about the events planned by the Youth Link Team; these include working on apprenticeship opportunities, exhibitions and being involved in a working group plus much more. On Aug 12th an Exhibiton/Event planned will include arts, crafts and activities by the Auroville youth to show case, sell network and give us an idea of their talents.
Music by: Mooska, Song: Stop for a while

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jul 2015

Impressions of Auroville

This is the first project from our community service week at the radio. The aim was to interview visitors who have spent no more than a week in Auroville; to hear how their short stay may have affected them.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jul 2015

Exciting Energy of Youth

For the 9th time teenage students of Changjo Traveling School from South Koreac has stopped on their one year long journey around the globe in Auroville. Also this group of 22 students of alternative schooling program wanted to share with the community what they have learned insofar. Despite heat many visitors were excited over their energetic performance – which has started with batucada parade at the entrance of the Visitor’s Centre, and turned a bit more “serious” with dance interpretation of Opa Gangam Style, through body percussion to tap dance, and final invitation of Korean youth to a dance.

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