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Daily Archives: 2015/10/13

Singing Festival 2015 (DAY 2)

The second day of the Auroville Singing Festival Day 2, attended by a packed audience, saw a slight mellowing down of the tone. The performances were divided into categories which began with traditional songs from different regions. Then came the ‘family’ category which saw some heart-warming connections on stage, and followed by performances from the youth of Auroville. The choir knitted the last knots of this colorful tapestry of music and we said goodbye to two days of swaying and clapping along.

Here you can listen to different members of the very large family of Auroville mingle on stage through music.

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Comments: 0 Date: 13 Oct 2015

Philippe Borrel temoigne

Philippe Borrel est un realisateur de documentaires. Ses sujets explorent les contradictions de la societe, explorent les solutions qui existent deja partout dans le monde. Il est venu presenter son dernier opus ” l’urgence de ralentir ” dans le cadre du Festival du Film d’Auroville ou il a obtenu le Cinema Paradiso Award. Il nous parle ici de ses impressions de voyage en Inde et de son sejour a Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Oct 2015

Singing Festival 2015 (DAY 1)

The Auroville Singing Festival 2015 was organized through Community Cultural Colors. The first day saw the Masters of Ceremony, Jeremy and Amara, engage with the audience by introducing the musicians and reading out some haunting translations of song lyrics. The music flowed, moving through differing genres and languages and carrying the audience through varying terrain with the performers. The last song was a beautiful ode to Led Zeppelin and saw the event end on a high note.

It was particularly enjoyable to shift from Odiya folk music to groovy Jazz from the 1930s. The lights dimmed and brightened according to the moods and the general energy was relaxed and stimulating. Here you can listen to Tamil song flute, some American song guitar and a whole lot of other tunes from the first day.

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Comments: 0 Date: 13 Oct 2015

Voices from the AV Film Festival

The 2015 Auroville Film Festival aimed to connect with people living in and around Auroville, while celebrating the theme of diversity and human unity. As well as the film screenings, the festival also featured a variety of musical and dance performances, and food stalls run by local groups including the Youth Centre and Sadhana Forest. We spoke to Aurovillians and visitors to see what they thought of the festival, and whether they felt it brought the community closer together.

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