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Daily Archives: 2015/10/14

Celebration of Evolution

To mark the Navratri nine day festival of Goddess Durga, the Tamil Heritage Centre held its annual exhibition on evolution at Ilaignarkal Education Centre. In an interesting conversation, Anand tells us that they would like to involve the next generation and pass the on the knowledge of the evolution theory in Hindu culture which says – from one single cell, one seed … to God level. On display are hundreds of figurines, mostly collected over the years and made by local artisans. The annual exhibition is visited by over 1000 students of Auroville and bio-region schools.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Oct 2015

Love for Dance Music

Eli Escobar is the quintessential New York City DJ. Over the past ten years he’s built a reputation around his parties, emerging as one of the most talented people on the NY dance scene. With a style based on his diverse tastes, Eli subversively drops his influences and personal favorites into even the most commercial of sets.Over the past several years, Eli has turned to remixing, transitioning smoothly to what he does best – dance music. His talent as a remixer is reflected in the wide range of artists who have sought him out to turn their songs into something specifically his. very simply demonstrating not only his love for dance music but his dedication to finding it, and ultimately sharing it.

Eli’s summer playlist

Two Tons Of Fun – I Got The Feeling (Butch Le Butch Edit)
MF Hercules “Raindance”
Flora Cruz – Let The Sunshine Out (Jerome Sydenham’s Vocal Dub)
Doc Daneeka ft. Seven Davis JR – I Promise (Kon Rework)
Eli Escobar – Seein’ You
Karizma – Nuffin Else (Nellie’s Annointed Dub)
DJ Vas – Wizard Funk
Andy Butler – You Can Shine
Phyllis Nelson – I Like You (DJ Duke Edit)
David Morales vs. Sade – Shelter Me

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Oct 2015
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