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Daily Archives: 2015/12/18

Off the Cuff – 56

In this OTC; an interview with Andrea by Rai Radio 3 in Italy on the recent emergency FM Setup in Cuddalore that we had the chance and honor to give a hand in setting up. You will hear about how the RAS adapted its schedule not overlap with the yearly Youth Center Christmas Fair, and how units contribute products as well (unlike our architects-old story) to the many requests, and an update on our Fund Drive effort, where we have already begun purchasing some of the essential equipment and we still have a way to go in order to achieve our target 850,000 or 13,000 US $

More on Cuddalore FM: This event received a lot of attention and coverage in newspapers, magazines, regional and national Indian TV channels …and also abroad… yesterday the Italian National Cultural channel (RADIO 3) has dedicated a 7 minutes segment to the emergency radio station set up in Cuddalore.

Fund Drive: We have already begun to purchase needed equipment; a new mixing table has been purchased, a pair of professional headphones have arrived and a new computer! The work load in general is growing at the Auroville Radio. The above situation further highlighted the need for an enlarged and committed radio team, which can only happen by providing a basic support for its members.

Please visit for information on how to contribute by credit card. For transfers within Auroville our account number is #251369

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Dec 2015

We are living in a disaster area

Help is still very much needed into the affected villages

Anita, Aurovillan from North India, is a woman with a big heart and all the energy to move things. People like her are very much needed in our region right now. ”We are in a natural disaster” she says, ”but we are not in the disaster areas set up by the government, like Chennai”. So the villages around Auroville which had been flooded have few hope to get any support if not from Aurovillans. But there are lots of houses damaged or even destroyed, waste water entered drinking water taps, insects are increasing rapidly and, as Anita warns, there is a high epidemic risk right now. During the rainy season, the most heavily affected people had to live in public halls like village schools. Now, the majority of them went back into their houses – and had to face all the damage and the stink around. ”We are entering in a new phase of disaster help”, Anita says: to clean up, and to prevent the outbreak of more illnesses. For this purpose, every day, sometimes every hour counts.

Auroville has set up a help fund for affected villagers which coordinates material and financial support. Donations are very welcome.

How to donate:

In Auroville:

Financial service account no. 251220
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 163101000118
Ifscode – ICIC0001631
Description – FLOOD RELIEF
Branch Code – 03160
Swift Code – SBININBB474
Account Number 10237876508

Radio Fund Drive Report 2015

Progress report of the Radio Fund Drive; a big thanks to the many donors that have contributed so far. You have helped us reach close to 20% of our targeted goal.
Our aim for the upcoming year is to raise 850,000 Rs or 13,000 US $ and every amount small or large helps us to get closer. Thank you for your support and for lending another kind of “voice” to the radio!

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