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Daily Archives: 2016/02/15

Capoeira Festival No2

Second evening of Auroville capoeira group Ginga Saroba sharing with the community in Kalabhumi has brought to the stage Auroville Fire Spinnning Crew with their charming fire spinning. Power Pandian Aasan Silambam Team who recently won the 3rd Asian Silambam Champinoship came from Chennai for that occasion, and received warm welcoming and excitement of the audience with excellent performance. Night has concluded with caopeira roda with students of Professor Samuka da India with many capoeira songs. The night has passed in the spirit of concentration, respect and thankfulness. indeed an evening of Grace.

Capoeira Festival No1

Friday evening , and the second day of Capoeira Festival; the first one in Auroville, and on the South of India; with many participants … Two evenings were also dedicated to share with the community what capoeira is along with some other performing groups. Friday we had a chance to hear some of Brasilian songs sung with Mestre Branco, Professor Esponja, Professor Melange and Solene, followed by Svaram Music Group. Evening has concluded with an open Roda. Night of Expressions!

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Feb 2016

Documentary on Heritage

Culture, tradition, heritage, values. This is what defines the third Auroville and Puducherry heritage festival. Organised by Mohanam and supported by the Department of Tourism, the festival focuses on keeping alive the local Tamil cultures. This is a documentary on the thoughts of the coordinator Mr.Balasubramaniam, craft stall owner Mr.Karthikeyen and Mr.Walter from Belgium, who helped coordinate the festival.

Participants of Tamil Heritage Festival

Tamil Heritage Festival at Bamboo Land on Saturday, and here are some short interviews with the stall holders and about the art programs and the cultural events conducted.


Comments: 0 Date: 15 Feb 2016

Interview with Madhu

Auroville and Puducherry Village Heritage Festival which was held on the 13th and 14th February was organized by coordinators who were Indians as well as foreigners, working for the development of the villages and the culture. This is an interview of one of the coordinators, Madhu.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Feb 2016

Expert Interview- V.K.Munuswamy

For the third consecutive year, the Auroville village heritage festival had been successfully conducted by the Mohanam organization. The UNESCO award winner and Secretary, Pondicherry Craft Council, V.K.Munuswamy, had shared his views about the development of the craft work.

Vox pops

The Auroville Village Heritage Festival is showing lot of efforts in preserving the Indian culture. It’s not just a festival. It’s a fascinating experience of the tradition. Hundreds of tourists visit this place every year. The visitors from various countries shared what they felt about the festival.

Revival of heritage seeds

The 3rd Auroville and Puducherry Village Heritage Festival – 2016 hosted at Bamboo land, Kottakarai witnessed various traditional and heritage stalls from villages around Auroville. Mr.Kavithai Ganeshan who is involved in heritage seed planting has shared his experience with us regarding heritage seeds and the importance of returning to traditional lifestyle.

2nd Kalabhumi Festival

Featuring Anna and Jesse with a warm invitation to a Kalabhumi Festival – “We Love Alive” on 20th of Febrauary, starting at 3pm.

Today at 5.30 pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture. The 7th batch of visiting Tibetan students from T.C.V. will share some of the activities that they have done during their stay in Auroville.

16th of Feb (Tuesday) at 7.30pmat Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat performing their revived play “Ganapati”

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