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Daily Archives: 2016/02/24

It is a big step for Auroville

During the International Zone General Meeting, I have come across two visitors from Department of Politics and International Studies, Pondicherry Central University at Unity Pavilion on 22nd February 2016.

Mr. Bishwajit and Ms. Gayathry are pursuing their Masters in Politics and International Relations at the University and have attend the conference to get some exposure of the various cultures and talks held at the international meeting.

In a short interview with Mr. Bishwajit, he has expressed his views on the International Zone being built in Auroville. He said that ” Its really a big step for Auroville” in creating such an unique idea of bringing the world cultures at a glance. This would not only enable experience the cultures of the world by the people at Auroville but also the people residing in Pondicherry and other parts of India.
This creates an environment of learning international affairs and spirit of One Community which the Mother has idealized for the sustainable development of the world.

He later added that these Pavilions are an innovative thought, where foundations been laid by the Mother now being developed by the Aurovillians.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2016

Oneness among a myriad cultures

In a recent interview with Mr. Luigi, a lead member of the International Zone  Coordination Group at the occasion of the Meeting held at Unity Pavilion of Auroville on 22nd February 2016, has expressed great impressions on the ongoing infrastructure development plan of the International Zone which is soon being setup in Auroville

He has represented all the Auroville guests, visitors and new comers in the creation of a platform for an International Zone to exhibit and exchange various cultures and traditions of different country nationals who join Auroville. This International Zone is an unique place in India, where different parts of lands at Auroville would be allotted to various countries for the construction of their pavilions in their native design and style. This would create an atmosphere for mutual respect and cooperation and above that empowers exchange of culture and promote Peace among the different societies of the world.

The interesting part is that, these pavilions would be the permanent mission of Auroville International Zone and would be a symbolic representation of the various regions and continents of the world. He later added that, these development plans are being structured with the help of volunteers from India and African student community of Architecture background.

This meeting and interview has convinced me to suggest this International Zone be viewed as an union of a mini world, where various delegates, volunteers of Auroville and other guests and visitors experience the atmosphere of the world cultures at one place, therefore can be regarded as “ An Umbrella of myriad cultures “.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2016

Meeting of the International Zone

A General Meeting for the development of an International Zone in Auroville has been convened at Unity Pavilion on 22nd, January 2016. Representatives from various nations have presented their ideas and concepts in the creation a pavilion to embark and expose their respective culture.

The meeting was lasted for two hours which included a ‘future master plan’ for the development of Auroville International guest pavilion and also ‘sustainable plans being made for the well being of Aurovillians”.

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