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Daily Archives: 2016/03/26

Baul Tradition – Enhearthening

An interesting interview, actually a musical interview with Sudipto Shekhar Mridha, a Baul singer. Through Baul tradition Sudip share insights on life. As Kabir and other tradition also Baul does recognizes oneness of all, and songs with simple lyrics always reflect the present moment yet conveying higher truths.
Sundip will hold a workshop today at 5pm at Svaram – Music called Life.


The Frog Symphonies

Already miss the Monsoon?
Our long Indian nights are most beautiful during the raining periods, when frogs and toads are celebrating their love songs. They have a big variety of voices. Sometimes there are thousands singing together in a big lake, sometimes they are only a few, but each with a different melody. Surprisingly, the most interesting frog songs are performed in the smallest habitats.

This is a sociological survey of the frog orchestras around Auroville which performed during the last monsoon, with some cultural commentaries about frogs.
Welcome to the amphibian concerts!

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Mar 2016

Pour Tous DC is 10 today!

The Pour Tous Distribution Center turned 10 this year. The team prepared a party to celebrates its life and vision which provides food and sundries for the residents as a cooperative.

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