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Daily Archives: 2016/08/23

Mother's Q & A – 18/1/56

Mother’s Questions & Answers, January 18, 1956

This week there are a lot of questions on different subjects. The first thing Mother says is a clear, concise and complete description of what needs to be done to practice Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga. She also speaks about choosing and being chosen to be an instrument of the Supreme and aspiration for growth in plants and in children. She explains what a true hierarchy is. The French tape recording of Mother’s class will play after the English translation.

ARA on Housing part 2

2nd ARA meeting on housing held yesterday at Unity Pavilion. .This follow-up meeting was building upon the ideas shared in the last ARA meeting. It was a working meeting, where participants were exploring ways to prioritise and practically implement these ideas. The ideas regarding housing, which primarily focussed upon affordable housing, fell into three main categories:
1.Finding new accommodation / places to build 2. The planning and construction of new accommodation 3. The financing of new accommodation.
The Organization Research Group

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